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What Supplies Do You Need For Car Detailing

Some people think that car detailing and car washing are the same. However, this is not true because car detailing involves more cleansing than normal cleaning. What we mean here is that car detailing will leave your car clean and without spots inside and out of the car. Unlike car washing detailing does not require the use of automated systems when cleansing.

Instead, the process involves hand washing and it is good to look for a professional if you are not sure about how it is done or if you don’t have the recommended car detailing equipment. This article will reveal some of the important supplies you need to do this process successfully.


1. Towels And Sponges

Towels And Sponges

When starting your car detailing activity you must have a sponge and a towel. It is not advisable to use a sponge when cleaning the interior parts of your car but due to its absorbent properties but it is very suitable when working on the car’s surface. The major problem with using a sponge is that it may leave some marks and scratches. Therefore, you should only use it in areas that are not likely to get scratched. For the delicate parts, a towel will be a great option. If possible, look for a microfiber towel because they are more effective in cleaning all parts of your car. Towels are not only suitable for cleaning the car but they are also suitable when drying.

2. Brushes


Sometimes you may find that dirt and dust have accumulated in certain areas of your car and a sponge or a towel may not be the best option in such areas. Even if you are using complete detailing equipment and a solution that is meant to dissolve this mess, you will still need to use a sturdy brush to remove the most stubborn dirt. There are different types of brushes you can use when cleaning different parts. For example, wheel woolies are the best for cleaning the wheels of your car. You should also use an exterior scrub brush when removing large particles that cannot be removed by the usual car cleaning products. The interior scrub brushes are the best when cleaning the internal parts of your car.

3. Wax And Sealant

Car wax

Whether you are a professional car detailer or not, you should always ensure that you have a good car wax and sealant in your car. The two items are known to be the best finishing products after you are done with the cleaning. They will greatly help to restore the showroom appearance of any car. A good car wax should leave your car with exceptional shine and gloss. It should also protect the car from dirt, dust particles, UV radiation and bird droppings which might cause stains in your car. If you are searching for a long-term solution, a premium quality paint sealant will be an excellent choice. These sealants are usually made of synthetic polymers that provide maximum protection to your car. Nowadays there are products that feature a combination of wax and car wash to simplify the cleaning process.

4. Leather Cloths

Most of the professional detailers normally use real chamois leather for different reasons. The best thing about this material is that it comprises of natural materials that enhance absorbency. Unlike other materials, real chamois leather dries the surface fast and in a more effective manner. You will also find that it becomes smooth and soft when it is wet. Due to its softness, it is very effective than conventional car cleaning products. However, chamois leather materials are more expensive but they are very durable.

5. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner

At times, you may want to use the traditional way of cleaning the floor of your car by simply bending and scrubbing the dust particles on the floor. However, this method is not effective since it is not easy to remove all the dirt. In such instances, you will find a car vacuum cleaner to be very useful. There are different types of car vacuum cleaners but the most important thing you should look at this equipment is the suction power. A good car vacuum cleaner should also be portable and easy to use. Cordless cleaners are the best since they are more versatile and can be used anywhere.

6. Air Blower

Air Blower

After you’ve washed your car, you will find that some of the water has accumulated in tight places which cannot be reached by a towel. This is where you will need to use an air blower. The compressed air that comes from this device removes water or moisture from tight spaces. This prevents the build-up of mildew in the car. A detailing air blower also allows you to remove debris and dirt from electric contact points since you cannot use water in those areas.

7. Car Polisher

Car polisher

If you really want to boost the aesthetic appearance of your car, you can never go wrong if you opt to use a car polisher. This method is very effective because it supplies the car wax and polish evenly and consistently on the car. However, you need to be very careful when selecting a car-polishing machine to ensure that the one you have selected has adjustable speeds. This is important because some car detailing products needs to be used at a slower speed than others. It should also be lightweight to make your work easier during the detailing process.


If you own a car, this process is very important since it helps you to save money in the long run. This is because you will no longer need to repair the car from time to time. Apart from that, it increases the lifespan of your vehicle and it also promotes a healthy ride since the cleaning is very thorough and leaves your car without dust and also free from dirt. Again, driving a shiny car will give you maximum satisfaction and you will always be happy when driving in different areas. You only need to ensure that you have the light equipment we have mentioned in this article if you want the process to be successful.

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