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Importance Of Detailing Your Car

You might have the preconceived notion that car detailing is all about racing stripes and other bright decals and vinyl. When in reality car detailing just means a thorough cleaning of your vehicle from the inside out. When you go to get your car detailed you can choose to have them focus solely on the interior, exterior, or both. You can also choose the level of detailing that you want from a quick wax and shine to a more extensive detailing which includes buffing out scratches and other exterior blemishes.

While buffing out blemishes is a bonus at the very least we recommend a basic exterior detailing. This normally includes everything from a wash to applying a sealant. Detailers normally start with a high-powered wash immediately followed by handwashing with a mild soap. The exterior wash is extremely important since it will remove all of the debris from your car you accumulate from daily driving. Some debris like road salt is abrasive and can cause damage over time. When road salt is left to its own devices it will start to break down the protective barrier on your vehicle and eventually cause paint damage and even rust. Corrosive materials that end build up on your vehicle over time is the biggest reason we recommend getting your vehicle detailed every so often.


The detailing staff at Weston Nissan (Davie, FL) suggested that the best detailers will use a clay bar to get rid of any watermarks, soap scum, and any other debris the wash wasn’t able to fully remove. From there they will apply a thorough polish to your vehicle. Last up for the most common exterior detailing jobs is the application of a sealant or wax. All of this works to make your vehicle look just as new if not newer than the day you brought it home.

Basic exterior detailing

Once your vehicle is looking brand new from the outside you’re going to want to carry over that shiny and new feeling to the interior. While you may be diligent about keeping trash out of your vehicle it’s still easy for dirt and dust to build up. An interior detailing is especially important after a major spill to keep your seats in pristine condition.

In most cases, detailers will start by vacuuming every square inch of your vehicle. This includes areas like your trunk and glove compartment box which can be easily overlooked. So you can say goodbye to all that dust and excess dog hair that might have built up since your last visit to the detailer. Next up is the brushing, scrubbing, and shampooing of your interior. Floor mats, carpet, and cloth upholstery all receive a thorough brushing and scrubbing to remove any stains and all stains. After all of the upholstery is looking brand new the detailer will focus on wiping down and cleaning the windows, door panels, and dashboard. Finally, the detailer will spray the inside of your vehicle with a deodorizer to remove any unpleasant odors. Most detailers will have an array of different scented deodorizers so you can pick the scent that is most appealing to you. 

Cleaning the car inside

All in all a thorough detailing is a great way to keep your vehicle in like-new condition for years to come. After all, we spend so much money on purchases our cars we might as well keep them in the best condition as possible. While it looks and feels nice to drive a car in pristine condition it also boasts the resale value if you ever decide to trade your vehicle in for something else.

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