Pure Luxury – The 2019 Infiniti QX80 Cabin

Most are already familiar with the excellent offerings of the Infiniti QX80 because it certainly stands out among the crowd, and it has been popular even before its official redesign back in 2018. This is a well-priced, cargo-friendly SUV with excellent handling and ride comfort, available in RWD or AWD. We're talking 95.1 cubic feet of cargo-friendly back there! It can also seat up to eight people but usually comes with seating for seven. Thanks to our friends at Warren Henry Infiniti (Miami, FL) we have the inside scope on what the 2019 QX80 has to offer.

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Maserati’s ONE OF ONE New Customization Program

Maserati’s new ONE OF ONE customization program features Italian artisanal craftsmanship with the finest finishes. To create a completely unique vehicle, perfectly tailored to the person who drives it the Maserati design team works closely with each and every client. Clients can choose from thousands of exterior and interior options so they can perfectly customize their Maserati to their taste.

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Importance Of An Oil Change

There are a ton of reasons why this is important but let us deal with the major ones so you can go about your day quicker, especially if that involves some test-driving! Oil in a car's system is a lot like the blood in a human body in that it cleans by carrying out particles and pollutants that shouldn't be in there. These pollutants prevent the engine from running its smoothest and will not only reduce gas mileage but , as emphasized by our tech consultant at Cerritos Dodge (Cerritos, CA), also lowers the life of the vehicle. Or look at it like this: imagine jogging in place in normal running gear. That is like a car with the right engine oil levels and cleanliness. Now picture doing the same jog in a sleeping bag wearing a wool hat. That is the engine enduring too much heat-creating friction as you bop mercilessly down to the corner store with low or bad oil! Pushed too far, you will be stopped on the side of the road, wishing you had addressed the inexpensive maintenance of an oil change, not the wallet-busting embarrassment of an engine that has literally welded parts of itself together (seizing)! Let's go over some more reasons and best-practices, in case that was not clear enough!

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Audi Announces Concept For Urban Mobility

At the Auto Shanghai 2019 convention, guests saw a sneak peek at the future with the Audi AI:ME. The Audi AI:ME has the ability to drive autonomously at Level Four. Our tech consultant at Audi Wilmington, DE explained that Level Four allows fully autonomous driving so a human driver can still request control. Since the AI:ME can be fully autonomous, Audi designers focused on the interior of the AI:ME. The concept for the interior of the car is to give occupants “an oasis from the city as they travel from one point to the next.” Audi designers thought of everything with seats modeled after armchairs and real climbing plants across the see-through roof of the interior. Yes, you read that correctly, there are real-life plants in the AI:ME. Beyond bringing nature into concrete cities the plants serve an important purpose, to turn the polluted air quality of the city into fresh, clean air.

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What Color Is Gasoline? Does It Matter?

All gasoline is the same, right? Wrong! If this is true, all brands or types of gasoline will have the same color. But speaking about color, what is the true color of gasoline?

And more importantly, does the color of the gasoline matter when choosing fuel for your vehicle?

You’ll find the answers right here.

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12 Essential Things To Pack In Your Car Emergency Kit

On the road, you can get hit by an unexpected, emergency. And for that, you need to be prepared all the time. You do not want to end up in a sticky situation while driving in the middle of nowhere.

If you are faced by some sort of difficulty, you need to keep a few things in your car at all times, to ensure that your problem becomes ten times easier to solve.

Apart from the obvious things like your car’s owner manual and proof of insurance, here is a list of 12 things that will help you out in a crisis.

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