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OBD2 Scanner: Your Best Auto Repair Partner

When the check engine light is on, it means that your car needs your attention. And because you are a kind of know-nothing when it comes to auto repairs, you have to bring your car to an expert car mechanic. The next thing would be worse – you got an expensive car repair bills.

Expensive. It’s an annoying word, isn’t it? This is why you need to find something that can help you get over it before it’s too late – OBD2 Scanner. OBD2 Scanners can truly help you avoid expensive car repair bills from the first place. How? There are so many reasons. To be able to read your car’s trouble codes yourself to diagnose problems is what OBD2 Scanner can offer.

Having a low-cost yet high-quality diagnostic tool that plugs in with ease under the dash to give access to the car’s computer is what a wise car owner needs the most. Turning on of check engine light comes along with a number of different component failures. The check engine light illumination could be as simple as loose gas caps or as complex troubled internal engines. This will need you to have a broad mind to understand what the codes are actually telling you.

Check engine light come on

Recognizing The Real Message Of The Codes

OBD2 Scanner gives codes. Those codes will reveal the troubles your car is suffering. However, reading the trouble codes can sometimes lead to misunderstanding. In this case, your car might receive the wrong treatment that can make the situation worse instead. Remember that your car computer keeps a record of the diagnostic codes that show which sensor is reporting a problem. The problem might be from the malfunctioned component or it is just from the sensor itself.

Imagine the time when the check engine light comes on. It is when any sensor detects a faulty device. As said earlier, there are cases that it is not the device that troubles; it might just be the cheap sensors. This will give us a hint not to focus on just one thing. To recognize the real message of the codes better, we have to consider many things. One best thing is to make experiments. After clearing the codes, you can watch and see if the engine light comes back. In case it will, sensors might fail.

The other best thing to understand the real message of the codes is to find a simple yet great code scanner. The diagnostic codes of your car can be read easily by code scanners and they can also be used to reset the computer of your car by clearing the codes being saved. For you to know what’s wrong with your car, a sensor gives a report to the computer. The sensor provides a report through codes. The check engine light illuminates when the codes are stored. This is how you find out the car problems.

The Sensors Of Your Car Matter

Car sensors play an important role in the automotive sector most especially when it comes to manufacturing vehicles. One reason why it is useful to the automotive world is its great job when a car is painted, it can able to measure the thickness of the coating applied. It is not just that. There are many different car sensors and all of them are important.

Your car’s computer is considered to be that brain of the computerized engine control system and sensors are the links of what’s happening down there. Some sensors are designed to have more influence on engine condition and performance than the others. Some of them are the following:

  • Coolant temperature sensor – The coolant temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature of the engine coolant which commonly found in the internal combustion engine. The readings from this sensor used to make adjustments to fuel injection and timing of the ignition.
  • Oxygen sensor – This sensor has been building up in the exhaust manifold to monitor how much the unburned oxygen is in the exhaust area for the exhaust go out in the engine. The monitoring process is a way of gauging the mixture and it will report to the computer if the mixture is burning less or more oxygen.
  • Throttle position sensor – A throttle position sensor or the TPS is used to monitor the throttle position of your vehicle. This sensor can commonly be found on the butterfly spindle or shaft. The position is perfect so that it can monitor the position of the throttle directly and easily.
  • Manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP sensor) – One of the essential sensors that are used in internal combustion of the engine’s electronic control system is the MAP sensor. Car engines that use manifold absolute pressure sensors are normally fuel injected.

Take Good Care Of The Catalytic Converter

When the catalytic converter of your car becomes the problem, everything would take some extra work and extra budget as well. Why? Consider what the catalytic converter is and why it needs your concern.

A catalytic converter is a device used to convert harmful car compounds into harmless ones. Your exhaust gives out harmful emissions that when released to the air it can damage the atmosphere. The catalytic converter reduces the number of harmful pollutants by taking the following gasses and converts them into water vapor through a series of chemical reactions.

  • Hydrocarbon – Hydrocarbon is found in the form of unburned gasoline.
  • Carbon Monoxide – Carbon Monoxide is formed by the combustion of gasoline.
  • Nitrogen oxides – Nitrogen oxides are created when the heat in the engine forces nitrogen in the air to make it combined with oxygen.

The catalytic converter contains a core of ceramics riddled with pores. The pores are coated with powdered catalysts that have metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The pores are close to the engine they hate up and because of this, the chemical structure of the exhaust gasses that pass through it is changed. In this way, nitrogen oxides that cause smog and destroy the engine are removed and converted into nitrogen and oxygen.

Gasses like carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon are converted into carbon dioxide and water as well. Catalytic converters are so efficient that they create a great difference in emission reading for cars. Catalytic converters have a good life expectancy but you still need to check them periodically before the damage gets worse. They are so important to reduce the toxicity of emissions from internal combustion engines but they can be so expensive to replace.

Generally, replacing a catalytic converter can be pretty expensive especially when the parts and labor are combined. Additionally, if you are scheduled for your annual vehicle inspection but then there are problems in your car, you will be forced to pay for the repair for the sake of passing the inspection. Getting stuck with an expensive car repair bills is a big problem and everyone hates it. This is why we should be aware of when the check engine light came. Fortunately, we can do something to lower the expenses today.

What An OBD2 Scanner Can Do

To prevent expensive car repair from the very first place, you need a tool to diagnose car problems before bringing it to car experts – OBD2 Scanner. Even the car mechanics use a diagnostic scanner tool and plug it under the dash to read the engine trouble codes and diagnose the problems of the car easily. What a computer has to say about the illumination of the check engine light is really incredible before taking your buddy to repair shops.

Old cars like the 1996 models and before, cheaper models of Diagnostic Code Scanners will just be fine. But if you have the latest car version probably from 1996 and beyond, you need an OBD2 Scanner to diagnose car problems. If you want to have a car scanner with the ability to read an OBD1 and OBD2 codes, go for a more expensive model. But that is not really necessary today for most cars seem to be the latest versions.

If you think you can pass the inspection when the check engine light is on, you’re wrong. You will never pass the inspection. This is why we need an OBD2 scanner to check the troubles, solve it and make the light off. Making the light turned off can be done when all the codes are cleared from the computer. Make sure that the computer shows a “ready status” then. Clearing the codes with the “erase codes” button will make the System Monitor status set to “Not Ready”.

If your car is not ready yet, it would surely fail in the inspection. So make sure that this not-ready status is gone.

Why You Need To Have One

Be informed that on this modern car lines, there are many electronic details that can make you determine the extract position of car troubles very hard. The electronic sensors or electronic control module are some of the confusing components. Pay attention to them and make sure they are all set to avoid unnecessary auto repairs. Without a diagnostic scanner tool, you will lose many hours finding the reasons why the check engine light turns on.

Finding those complicated faults even takes a long day especially if you are not really experienced enough when it comes to auto repairs. Bringing your car to a car repair shop is the other thing. It might save your time and effort a little bit but it will surely offer you a bill that is a little bit more costly. An OBD2 is the best partner for a situation like this and it can make the worse situation better when the budget matters.

With an OBD2 Scanner, everything would just be fine. You won’t be losing more hours in locating car problems anymore because, in just a simple manipulation, you can find the exact position of the certain troubled area in a few minutes. The good thing here is you can do this even if you are not an expert. The job of an OBD2 Scanner is not just to find faults. After finding the problems, the OBD2 Scanner will provide a guide to fix those faults. This is how you can repair your car all by yourself.

Having an ability to check the car engine early can prevent greater damages beforehand. This tool is not just good in repair shops. It is also good for you. Car mechanics will not be with you always. Make yourself ready especially when the time comes they are not around to assist you.

The Greatest Benefits You Can Get

The obd2 scanner is a diagnostic device mainly designed to diagnose, determine and provide a guide to repairing car problems. It is essential in a car repair shop. If an expert has this, you also have one yourself. You will not always be with someone who is an expert in addressing car troubles so do teach yourself to learn how to use this simple scanner for your own sake.

Today, car industries continue to progress and the OBD2 scanner has become the popular choice for most car owners. This tool comes along with convenience. It offers easiness as well to help users repair car troubles even in a desert place. OBD2 Scanners are highly time-saving. Diagnosing car problems in just a few minutes is what busy users need. This great diagnostic tool saves money so much as well.

OBD2 Scanners can be found at good prices. These tools are not too expensive. They are only in the range of few dollars depending on the model and each of them offers different features but you don’t really need to buy the most expensive one. Spend a little money on them right now and you can prevent pretty costly repair expenses in the future. Not sure what model seems best? Visit www.zoniv.com and get yours with ease.

Car troubles are serious problems. Never ever underestimate the importance of OBD2 Scanner because we talk about life here.

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