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Tips For Choosing The Best Windshield Washer Fluid

When it comes to driving safely and responsibly, it is imperative that you keep your windshield clean (especially if you are traveling in extreme weather). A dirty windshield or one that is hazed in the winters can drastically hinder your visibility, be it morning, afternoon, evening, or nighttime. You need to be able to see with the uttermost clarity on the road to ensure you don’t end up trashing your car or injuring yourself.

This means you must always try your best to keep the windshield clean and free from obstructions, as standard as checking your mirrors and putting on your seat belt. After all, there a reason the police stops you if your windscreen is sufficiently sullied to hinder your vision and view of the road. Yes, cleaning your windscreen regularly is quite the task, but this is where effective wiper fluid or screen wash fluids come in handy.

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What Are Windshield Washer Fluids?

What Are Windshield Washer Fluids?

As the name implies, windshield washer fluids are used for the cleaning of your windscreen. The fluid is typically poured into the reservoir, which is located under the hood of every car. Once topped up, you can use the vehicle controls for spraying the fluid out on the windscreen. You can then activate the windscreen wipers to clean out the dirt, debris, and haze while driving.

These washer fluids can give your windshield a clear and clean look even in the worst weather. However, depending on where you live, you may require a different fluid product. For instance, for those living in areas of extreme snow, it is a good option to opt for windshield washer fluids that have antifreeze compounds like methanol.

These washer fluids for your windshields are available in three forms: a liquid that is pre-mixed and ready for use instantly, an additive that has to be mixed in water, or tablet forms (or crystals) that have to be dissolved in distilled water. The products that have to be dissolved have different dilution ratios, depending on the climate/weather the area you live in experiences.

Regardless of the surroundings, quality windshield washers give drivers the capability of preventing their windscreens from becoming dirty. Since you can easily spray the fluid while driving and use the wipers for cleaning, you can feel assured to clean the windshields lesser, as you would normally do in most adverse weather conditions like heavy rainfall and snow.

Qualities Of The Best Windshield Washer Fluids

Qualities Of The Best Windshield Washer Fluids

Bug Repellent

The best windshield washer fluids must feature bug repellent adhesives and compounds that ensure your windscreen does not attract any kind of weird bugs. Typically, when driving in some areas bugs may splatter on your windshield. Getting rid of them can result in a rather sticky mess. Windscreen washers with bug repellent compounds can create a surface that prevents bugs from sticking.

Water Repellent

In areas of heavy rainfall, it can become quite a difficult task to drive a car – as you can’t see the road at all. This can also be extremely dangerous and result in major accidents. To avoid this from happening, your windshield fluid should contain the necessary water repellent compounds for preventing water from pooling on the windshield and distorting your vision. The fluid should cause the rain to bead up and roll off instantaneously.

Concentrated Formula

For the best cleaning results, it is advised to go for windshield washer fluids with a concentrated formula. These products have concentrated varieties of compounds present, ensuring that you only require a small quantity of the liquid to be mixed in water. This guarantees savings while preventing your windshield from getting dirty.

Antifreeze Compounds

Some all-rounder windshield washer fluids feature antifreeze compounds for preventing water or snow from freezing on your windscreen. If you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall or temperatures that freeze water, go for windshield washer fluids that come with antifreeze to melt the ice well and restore complete visibility on the road to prevent any sort of accident or mishap.

Pre-Purchase Considerations


If you plan to buy a windshield washer fluid, here are a few considerations you should keep in mind:

  • If you are buying a crystal or concentrated windscreen washer fluid, it is imperative that you follow the instructions about the dilution ratio properly based on the weather and climate of where you are living. Otherwise, the washer may end up getting too sticky to remove or might result in excess, an unwanted haze that can hinder your visibility.
  • Windscreen washer fluids that have methanol present in the formula can have quite an irritating smell that not many can tolerate. If you experience irritation from the smell of methanol, it is a good option to opt for ethanol-based washer fluids. Ethanol is a light form of methanol that doesn’t produce a bad smell.
  • ​While buying ethanol-based formulas, check if the product you are buying has ethylene glycol (EG). This compound is essential for the efficient mixing of products that have to be distilled with water. EG also has a polishing formula that proves incredibly useful in cleaning your windshield in windy weather in which dirt, debris, and bug splatter may be stuck on your windscreen.
  • ​If you are living in not so frigid areas where the weather doesn’t hit freezing temperatures, opt for washer liquids that have low methanol content. While methanol proves to be a highly effective antifreeze component, it is very toxic. At the same time, can also heat up quickly under extreme heat.
  • There are plenty of different types of fluids available in the marketplaces that are formulated for the climate you are living in. However, if you find the dilution ratios and mixing highly complicated, you may want to opt for “all-season” products, which can maintain its liquid form in hot and cool weather. For extreme weather, these products can be mixed with antifreeze compounds to ensure your wipers work efficiently in heavy snowfall.

The 5 Best Windshield Washer Fluids Reviewed

nextzett 92100815 Kristall Klar Washer Fluid Concentrate - 8.5 fl. oz.

If you are looking for a concentrated windscreen washer fluid that is reasonably priced, yet incredibly efficient at removing road spray, tree sap, bug splatter, dirt, debris, snow and sleet, then there is no better option than the Einszett Kristall Klar Washer Fluid Concentrate. The product is available in an 8.5oz bottle and is designed for giving you the right dose per gallon every single time (using the profile capsule with instructions on the bottle itself).

Each bottle is capable of making almost seven full gallons of washer fluid for your windshield. You are guaranteed to get smear, glare, and haze-free cleaning with each spray on your windshield. Thanks to its reasonable cost and effectiveness, the product is a top choice for most vehicle owners. Its formula also proves to be environmentally friendly, which is formalin-free, biodegradable, and phosphate-free. It has a fresh citrus scent and doesn’t leave residue on your car’s paintwork (not a rare issue of fluids).


  • Special lubricants for eliminating streaks
  • Perfect for dry wiper blades
  • ​Efficient cleaning of all types of dirt and debris
  • Ammonia-free formula


  • The product has no cons.

Rain-X 800002243 Glass Treatment- 7 fl oz.

Available in a 7oz bottle, this Rain-X product proves to be incredibly easy to use. It is made for all purposes of cleaning your windshield and is designed for specifically aiding rainwater to bead up and roll off instantaneously. This makes the product perfect for use in conditions where there is heavy rainfall, as the water does not streak or pool across the windshield, granting you maximum visibility be it in the morning or night.

You can actually notice the water running straight off the surface like the glass version of Teflon. However, it is imperative that in heavy rainfall, you avoid speeding too much. Otherwise, water will run around to the sides and find its way inside the car, especially if the side windows are open. Regardless, the product works efficiently that in some circumstances wipers will not be needed to the same extent, as you needed previously.


  • Makes the windshield cleaning task easier
  • Removes road spray, bug splatter, ice, snow, and sleet
  • ​Significantly enhances driving visibility in extreme weather
  • ​Applies water beading technology
  • Can be mixed with other washer fluids


  • The product can be hard to remove once dry, resulting in hazes.

Prestone AS259 All Season Windshield Washer Fluid - 1 Gallon

This windshield washer solution from Prestone is one of the best products you can use for keeping your windscreen clean and clear from all sorts of dirt, debris, and bugs. It features a combination of de-icing and bug wash technologies, which enable it to clean dead bugs stuck on the glass and prevent water from freezing on the screen. The product is specifically formulated for getting rid of grime on your windshield. It can easily melt out tough dirt like dried bugs and tree sap, offering year-round windscreen cleanliness.

It is the perfect all-season windshield washer fluid for the entire year, be it the hot weather, cold weather, or rainy season. With a reasonable amount of methanol, the product effectively melts ice, while maintaining enough fluidity to enable the wipers to sweep the dirt, debris, and bug splatter stuck on the windshield. All you need to do is maintain a good amount of solution in the reservoir so that nothing blocks your view or hinders your visibility while driving.


  • Improves visibility all year long
  • Melts light ice and frost during fall and winter
  • ​Strong cleaning against road grime, dead bugs, and tree spa
  • Combines de-icer for winter frost with bug wash technology


  • The liquid may freeze in temperatures below 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rain-X 800002250 Glass Treatment Trigger - 16 fl oz.

The Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent Treatment trigger is perhaps the best spray-on water washer. It has the ability to dramatically improving wet weather driving visibility. Simply apply the treatment to the exterior glass of your vehicle and enjoy watching the raindrops flying off your windshield, while you’re driving. The remarkable formula proves handy in repelling snow, rain, and sleet, boosting driving response time up to a full second or more at highway speeds.

The water treatment can also be sued on your home glass windows or glass shower doors for you to enjoy the water-beading magic and test its effectiveness. Since 90% of driving decisions are based solely on your vision, make sure to outsmart these elements with the Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent Treatment Trigger.


  • Removes bugs, mud, salt, ice, and frost easily
  • Reduces adhesion of snow and sleet
  • ​Repels rain instantaneously
  • Improves wet weather driving visibility


  • Difficult to get off the windshield.

303 (230371) Instant Windshield Washer, 25 Tablet

This product from 303 is perfect if you are looking for a windshield washer fluid in the form of tablets. It comes in a pack of 25. Each tablet has the capability to produce a full gallon of windshield washer fluid, making it quite an efficient and budget-friendly solution for keeping your windscreen clean at all times, regardless of the weather.

To use the product, empty a gallon jug and pour distilled water (for preventing streaking or spotting). Let the tablet dissolve completely into the water and then pour it directly into the washer reservoir in the vehicle. The formula of the product can completely remove grime, dirt, road film, and bugs while leaving your windscreen sparkling clean.


  • It really works on bug splatter
  • Economical solution
  • ​Dissolves completely
  • Easy to use


  • Not recommended for cold weather with minus temperatures.


If you are facing a tough time in deciding which product is the best option for you, it is a wise option to go for the Einszett Kristall Klar Washer Fluid Concentrate. With its highly efficient formula, the product removes all sorts of road spray, tree sap, bug splatter, dirt, debris, snow and sleet. It is also a budget-friendly option.

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