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Smartest Gadgets For My Car

Thanks to the rapid advancement in automotive technology, cars have become more than just traveling vessels; they are now a lifestyle offering safe, comfortable and enjoyable rides. Gone are the days when one could wait for the release of new car models to enjoy the latest and greatest technological innovations which usually come at a higher cost. Neither you don't need to buy a costly new luxury car. Today, you can easily upgrade your car to the latest technology by using smart car gadgets. From dash cams that can be vital during an accident’s investigation to custom made apps and GPS trackers, smart car gadgets can indeed turn a 2000 car model into a 2019 model in terms of technology without breaking the bank. These gadgets significantly improve your experience behind the wheel, and you should definitely obtain them. Below are some major smart gadgets for your car in the 21st century.


1. GPS Tracker

GPS car trackers are widely available in the market today and come with different tracking abilities that can keep an eye on institution drivers, co-workers, young drivers, car hires or even potentially cheating spouses. While the latest car models have an inbuilt GPS tracking system, most require integration with tracking companies’ servers which charge a monthly fee sometimes up to $25 a month. The good thing with smart GPS car devices is that they don’t charge a monthly fee and relays real-time location along with updates after every three minutes. The locations are relayed via A Web portal to an app usually on an individual’s phone. At this age of high vehicle theft especially in airports and malls, GPS trackers are vital in safeguarding your car. Best GPS trackers include Vyncs 3G GPS Tracker.

2. Dash Cam

A dashcam is a pretty small digital camera placed on the dashboard and supported by a mounting kit. Dashcams have increasingly become important in recording driving incidents which can be used as a piece of evidence in a court of law in case of an accident. Some dash cams can capture crystal-clear images of other driver's plate thereby significantly contributes to investigations during a hit and run incident. Dashcams can also be of great assistance when driving at night as most have a night vision feature. Best dash cams include the AUBBC Full HD 1080P Dash Camera, Garmin Dash Cam 55, Z-Edge Dash Cam among others depending on your budget.

3. Car Mount Holder

A  car mount holder

Smartphones have evidently increased in screen size over the years making it difficult to operate them while on the wheels, not advisable though. However, a car mount holder enables you to keep your phone fixed in a position that can easily be operated while driving. i.e., receiving a call. Best car mount holders include the iOttie Easy One Touch 3 and the Easy One Touch 4 both offering different viewing angles.

4. Car Seatbelt Cutter And Window Glass Breaker

The primary cause of high fatalities during an accident is excessive bleeding following being trapped in the car wreckage. However, seatbelt cutter and window glass breaker promise to change these unfortunate situations This innovative device can be used in emergencies to enable you to escape from your car even if the door and windows are stuck. This device is quite small and can perfectly fit in almost all car compartments. In case of an emergency, you can quickly get out of the car by cutting the seatbelt and breaking the car window using this handy device. An example of this handy gadget is RESQME Seatbelt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker 2 in 1. 

5. Radar Detector

Getting booked because of speeding is very disappointing and can ruin a great day. Perhaps you were not aware of the speed limit or that you were being monitored. Nevertheless, a radar detector will immediately inform you when you are being monitored by traffic police using a radar gun. These gadgets have scan adapters and detect any laser activity nearby before alerting you immediately. After the alert usually in beeps, you should act appropriately by reducing your speed before you are booked. The Escort Passport 9500 Radar detector is usually recommended to attribute its safety warning systems.


In addition to improving your driving experience, smart car gadgets play a crucial role in ensuring your safety when driving. Smart car gadgets can greatly transform an old car model to match the current standards in new models on a budget. When selecting smart car gadgets, you may want to choose the one with a variety of essential features that can perfectly meet the standards of your car.

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