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How To Find A Good Deal When Buying A Used BMW

When it comes to luxury cars, BMW shines through with its premium quality vehicles. Whether you are choosing through sedans or making your selection from sport utility vehicles (SUVs), the popular manufacturer can meet all your expectations.

But apart from an exceptional driving experience, getting a BMW is also associated with sky-high costs. Even when you are buying a used model, it’s not out of the ordinary to come across listings that go beyond your range.

To make matters more complicated, the expenses don’t end at the buying process alone. They also pop up throughout the years in terms of elevated maintenance costs, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, and aftermarket components.

However, buying a used BMW doesn’t always translate to walking into a financial dead end. Using tried-and-tested tips during your car hunt may help you discover pocket-friendly listings; while looking into the online catalog of Partsgeek can make it easier to find affordable auto parts.

To help you benefit from this approach, here’s how you can find used BMW listings on a bargain.


Determine the Fair Market Value of Your Desired Model Through an Online Catalog

Whether you are buying your BMW from a dealer or a private seller, it’s essential to find its fair market value before you even begin your search.

The fair market value determines the current open-market price of a car, which lets you know exactly how much amount you should set aside for your desired model. Knowing this information lets you steer clear of listings with unrealistic price tags. It also gives you a confirmation on whether your selected model is within your budgetary range.

You can determine the fair market value for your target BMW model by searching online or visiting dedicated platforms such as Kelley Blue Book. The process requires you to enter the car’s model and year and returns the required results within a few seconds.

The fair market value is often provided in the form of a price range, while the exact figure depends upon various other factors such as the car’s year, condition, and mileage. This is why an online catalog can have different prices for exact listings, but they still typically fall close to the fair market value of the car.

No matter the type of car you want to buy, you can find competitive pricing from various other private sellers and dealers that stick close to the fair market value. If a listing goes beyond the range defined by the fair market value, it is typically not worth it.

Executing your used BMW search with this approach in mind allows you to stay away from any unfair deals, and helps you find something that’s in line with market prices.

Find Vehicles That are Within a Warranty Coverage Period

Getting a good deal on your BMW doesn’t mean a low cost alone. It also comprises other factors such as the vehicle’s visual condition, its driving performance, and its warranty coverage.

BMW’s new vehicles come with a warranty plan that lasts for either 4 years or 50,000 miles - with an additional year to boot. If the owner upgrades their plan, this warranty coverage can extend further. But the company also offers its BMW Certified warranty for pre-owned vehicles, which allows you to get the same coverage with the purchase of a used car.

When you are trying to find a good deal on your desired model of BMW, make sure to shortlist those vehicles that come with this promise of warranty. While this doesn’t cover additional accessories, it prevents you from spending a fortune on unforeseen repairs. Combining this approach with an affordable online catalog for aftermarket equipment ensures significant savings on long-term maintenance.

While it may seem tricky at first, finding vehicles with warranty coverage is quite easy. It is typical for private sellers to highlight this feature within their listings. Similarly, it is also usual for dealers to outline it in order to make their offers more appealing than other competitors.

Vehicles that come with BMW Certified warranty are priced a little higher. But the coverage that they provide for the defined period is often worth it. It’s important to take this factor under consideration while making side-by-side comparisons of different listings.

Look Into the Vehicle’s History and Maintenance Record

Whenever you are out to buy a used car, you need to look at its vehicle history report (VHR). This is especially true for luxury brands such as BMW, which come at a higher price than usual manufacturers and need an increased level of care during the purchase process.

Simply put, the VHR is a record of the vehicle’s maintenance, accidents, repairs, and warranties. It is essentially a peek into how the car was handled by its previous owners, and what type of incidents it underwent in the past. As a result, it proves to be a highly effective way for you to learn more about specific BMW vehicles before you go ahead with purchasing them.

The VHR is not typically available on the same online catalog where used cars are listed. But it is still searchable through the vehicle identification number (VIN) of a specific car. This record is maintained and provided by the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) to other platforms, which can often charge for a full report.

But you don’t always have to pay out of pocket to access a car’s VHR. They are available for free at select websites such as CARFAX, and also through the dealer who is selling the car. You can use either of these methods to take a detailed look at a specific BMW car’s history and make an informed decision regarding your purchase. 

Keep Your Vehicle in Optimal Shape With Affordable Equipment

After going through the pricing details, specific comparisons, and maintenance history, you can find a used BMW that gives you the best value for your money. But once you have purchased your vehicle, you should also keep it in optimal shape to ensure the safety of your investment.

That’s where the online catalog of Partsgeek can help. Through the platform’s extensive selection of premium auto parts, you can easily find all the equipment and accessories that you need to maintain your BMW in showroom condition.

The best part? This range of equipment is available at affordable prices, which ensures that you can obtain your required accessories without breaking the bank. To see how Partsgeek can help you after your BMW purchase, don’t forget to check out the platform’s offerings today.

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