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Top 5 Cars If You Are A Student

Many people around the world get by just fine by using public transport or walking around. However, in many cases, a car is a necessity. There are now millions of students who commute to school instead of living on campus. Using public transportation takes too much of their time and is really unpractical. For these students, purchasing a car is the smartest and most reliable option, often even better than biking or car sharing.

Even so, throwing a car purchase and other related expenses into the mixture that’s already your student debt can be scary. This is why, if you need a job to get around to school or work, you need to make a smart purchase and get one of the following 5 top cars for students.


1. Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta might be small, but it has a huge reputation. This is one of the widest used cars for students, known for its great price and a variety of features you can choose from. The Fiesta is a comfortable, smooth vehicle that will help you move around without problems. It’s the perfect first vehicle to drive around to get to school or get back home after an exhausting study day.

Consider the Fiesta your best friend when you’re too tired to walk back home or a quick way to get to school to submit your latest paper. This is as useful a tool as this professional UK essay writing service for you, since it will literally get you out of many academic troubles. 

The Fiesta is available as a hatchback or a four-door sedan. Its base version costs around $14000, but if you’re looking for something more cost-effective, you can get a used Ford Fiesta in the price range between $2000 and $12000, depending on the mileage and of course, the features. 

2. Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris

When people mention Toyota Yaris, they instantly think – reliable. The Yaris car includes front and side airbags, immobilizers, as well as the efficiency that many vehicles in this class still lack. It’s an amazing way to move around thanks to its small size and of course, the very low price if you buy it second hand.

After a very strenuous day at school or at your part-time job, you’ll definitely appreciate the easy ride of your Toyota Yaris car.

3. Renault Clio

Renault Clio

Renault Clio is one of the most visually appealing, affordable, and desired student’s car choices today. It is known to be the best first car you can purchase. The latest updates by Renault have made this choice of the vehicle even more economical thanks to the turbocharged engine and features like the front and side airbags, the generous boot, as well as the Hill Start Assist and Media navigation.

It is compact, cost-effective, and will cost you around $2000 to $10000 to buy a used one, depending on its condition. According to millions of students who use this as their first vehicle to get to school, the Renault Clio is the perfect car for student needs.

4. Mazda 3

Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 vehicle is getting more popular every minute. The used price range goes from $2000 for an older model year in a good condition, up to $20000 for the newest vehicles with many features. This is a compact car that comes in sedan and hatchback options, as well as a choice of an automatic or manual transmission. It has a huge reputation for performance and yet, it’s fuel-efficient – making it perfect for students on a budget.

For a small-sized vehicle, the Mazda 3 has an incredible roster of safety features such as the front crash prevention system and the standard rear-view camera. You can go as far back as to 2004 when you’re picking an older version, so the price will definitely be great for a used vehicle

5. Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark

When you pass by any university campus parking lot, you’ll see at least a couple Sparks, that’s for sure. This is one of the best vehicles chosen by students, and it has been it ever since it was first released. Not only does the Spark look attractive, but it’s also very affordable and has a large boot that will allow you to carry around all the equipment, books, as well as some spare clothes to change between work and classes.

The best part about this is that, if you choose to buy a new Spark, it comes at an originally affordable cost. But, this is even better for a student – since you’ll be given a discount by the Three General Motors brands. 


Did you pick your new vehicle? Consider all your options but first, make sure that you scour the market for the vehicle in great condition. The model is extremely important but, whatever model you choose from this list, you can’t go wrong.

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