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8 Easy Upgrades For Your New Truck

If you’re a truck owner looking to improve your truck’s looks and performance without having to get your hands too dirty, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are eight easy upgrades for your truck that you could do on your own:


1. Getting A Tonneau Cover

There’s a lot to gain by investing in a tonneau cover. The most obvious reason to buy one is to protect your truck’s tonneau from the elements of nature and to keep your storage space nice and clean all year round. 

But if you invest in a better, more heavy-duty cover, you could effectively make your tonneau a flat carrier on which you could strap down heavier, larger items like a motorcycle for example.

2. Upgrading Your Side-steps

Though your current side-steps may be functional, they may not necessarily be all that aesthetically pleasing. After all, the only aim of stock parts is to do the job they were built for with little focus on appearance.

For a serious trucker, however, this isn’t acceptable. That’s why if you’re looking for a way to add that extra layer for finesse to your truck, changing out your side-step for a better one might be the right course of action.

3. Changing Your Tires

Change the truck's tires

Fun fact, you can change out your truck's tires for a larger or wider set without much of hassle (provided them fir of course). Changing out your tires may not seem like that big of a deal-breaker at first, but in reality, they can single-handedly improve the appearance of a truck ten-fold!

Go for a more aggressive look with new tires or maybe greater height with bigger tires; the number of customizations you can do are practically limitless.

4. Mud-flaps

Do not underestimate the effectiveness of a mud-flap. Granted a piece of plastic (or metal depending on your truck) may not look like it does much, but when you don’t have to scrub off the mud from around your tires every weekend, you’d be eternally grateful to it.

Not to mention the fact that they prevent stones shooting off from underneath your tires scratch your underside, something which could scar your paint job irreparably.

5. Cold Air Intakes

If you’ve had a truck for a while (or even a car for that matter), you probably know how big of a deal engine temperature is. If it gets too hot, the engine stalls and constantly high temperatures can deteriorate your engine’s performance over time.

Which is why to install a cold air intake is one of the best things you can easily do to protect your engine. A greater supply of cold air means your engine remains cooler, with the bonus of extra horsepower from a cool, protected engine.

6. Investing In An Air Horn

Chrome air horns on the truck

If there’s one thing a truck on a highway needs, it's an air horn. Carrying a lot of freight is no easy task for a truck if it constantly has to stop and slow down for traffic around it since it’d put extra strain on the engine, which is why air horns for your trucks are such a necessity. 

There’s no better way to tell a large group of cars blocking your path to move out of the way, and with urgency. 

7. Switching Out Your Carpet Floor Mats With Rubber Ones

Carpet floor mats may have a more refined look when compared to rubber mats, but they fall miserably short when it comes down to functionality. You could get a rubber mat muddy and dirty beyond recognition, but a quick hose down would give you a clean one in under three minutes.

The same cannot be said for carpet mats. Not to mention that rubber mats are way more durable than carpet ones, meaning you’d have to change your stock floor mats anyway. So why delay the inevitable?

8. Installing A Tuner

A tuner (or programmer as it’s sometimes called) is a silicon chip that can be attached to your engine control module, as can single-handedly boost your truck’s power, torque and most of all fuel efficiency thanks to optimized engine control.

Most tuners today even come with a mountable display and controls to tweak your car’s performance. An upgrade worth the investment.

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