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Temporary Buildings In Auto Industry

The automotive industry could easily be one of the biggest beneficiaries of temporary buildings. They are the best structures for an industry that requires a lot of space for a wide range of applications.

Speed and flexibility are very important in the automotive sector and temporary buildings are quick to deliver on these two aspects. Whereas permanent structures will require a long waiting period to be constructed and prepared for occupation, temporary ones can be ready in a matter of days.


Reasons Why Temporary Buildings Are Ideal For Automotive Applications

The industry is involved in a range of applications which include the following:

  • Showrooms/ car dealerships
  • Motor vehicle repairs and maintenance
  • Shelters
  • Manufacturing
  • Testing
  • Inspection

Consequently, the facilities used must be spacious not only in breadth but also in a clear span. Visiting the Smart Space website will give you a display of a wide range of temporary buildings that are perfect for your motor vehicle business needs.

Temporary structures are ideal for the motor industry for a variety of reasons.

They Are Economical

Temporary structures may cost even half of what permanent structures cost. Even so, they come with the same facilities offered by their permanent counterparts.

You can have all the fixtures and installations that you would expect to have in your permanent building such as lights and air conditioning. Moreover, power bills will be astronomically lower because temporary structures are built to allow in natural light and ventilation.

Flexibility In Design

Temporary structures are customizable. You are allowed to choose the design and size of the building you required and also have it built to your specifications.

Delivery Is Fast

You will wait for a long time for a permanent building to be ready for use. Sometimes, you may need to wait for many months. A temporary building is designed, constructed, delivered and installed in a matter of days or weeks depending on the type of building chosen.


Should you need to move your business to another location, your building can be dismantled and transported over to the new site where it will be reinstalled.

Temporary structures such as engineered fabric buildings make the perfect facilities for businesses such as car dealerships. With a building such as this, your investment is protected and your customers find a comfortable, open and friendly space to browse for their preferred vehicle.

They are also flexible and offer a higher level of efficiency than conventional permanent buildings. For instance, it is much easier to convert a fabric building from one facility to another without spending a fortune or time.

Benefits Of Engineered Fabric Buildings In The Automotive Industry

A car valeting bay

Aside from ease of conversion, there are other benefits you stand to enjoy when you make the choice to use a fabric building for your auto dealership. These include:

  • Providing covered inventory storage
  • Providing sheltered parking areas and waiting bays for your customers
  • Ease of sectioning off areas for various applications such as detailing and welding
  • Providing spacious showrooms for auto display
  • Sheltering the motor vehicles from the elements
  • Sheltered motor inspection sections
  • Covered services areas for staff to attend to customers
  • Office and reception facilities

Additionally, fabric buildings can be designed to your specifications and they require very little construction time. Whether you need one huge one to set up a new establishment or a number of small ones to add onto your lot, delivery is prompt and will not interfere with your business operations.

Furthermore, fabric buildings can be installed on dirt. There is no need to dig up and elaborate foundation for your structures. However, you can have a simple ground prepared for the setup and have it made from asphalt or even concrete. It will still not take much time.


The engineered fabric is usually resistance to elements including the harshest of weather. It can, therefore, last for decades. The word ‘temporary’ does not necessary mean short-lived.

The construction includes the use of durable aluminum and steel which are to provide a strong framework. Your temporary building will not come down unceremoniously on your inventory and customers one rainy day because it is strong and installed by the experts.


There are varieties of insulation systems that you can choose for your building that can help to increase energy efficiency. The one benefit of fabric buildings is that they let in lots of natural light and ventilation. You may only apply another source of energy when it is dark or the season demands it.

Thus, you will need cooling or heating when it is summer or winter respectively. When the season allows it, you can nature take over. This ensures that your energy expenses are well regulated and your customers, as well as staff, are comfortable whether in the summer or the chilling winter cold.


The main focus of the vehicle industry is to ensure that the inventory is protected so that the customer is happy. A customer that comes to buy a vehicle wants to find the cars in tiptop condition. Likewise, one who wants their vehicle repaired or serviced will also appreciate space which is comfortable and spacious.

Temporary buildings are the perfect solution for the motor vehicle industry in this regard. Smart Space offers the perfect temporary buildings built to last and to meet the specific needs of the client.

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