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Volvo Announces The XC40; Volvo’s First Fully Electric Car

Volvo has announced the development of a fully electric model for the top-tier XC40 SUV. According to Volvo Cars of Miami, this model is a key  is in continuation of Volvo’s steadfast dedication towards the goal of reducing its lifecycle carbon footprint per vehicle by 40 percent between 2018 and 2025. With recent innovations in what is possible with hybrid and full-electric based automotive vehicles, Volvo is well on track to hit this benchmark of efficiency. The upcoming implementation of the fully electric model looks to completely redesign core aspects of the SUV in order to facilitate the entire removal of the gasoline-powered engine.

Already available on today’s market, the 2020 Volvo XC40 incorporates an impressive level of technology and features that come standard across the board. The roomy interior and aesthetic design of the cabin puts the driver immediately into the action on the road. The strategically positioned infotainment system is easy to reach and is packed with top features housing conveniently organized applications. The most impressive aspect of the pre-existing XC40 is the overall performance while on the road. The systems are well-tuned and optimized for efficient and effective operation.


An all-electric SUV has been waiting for technology to advance far enough towards the future in order to match the performance found with gasoline-based engines. Volvo makes a strong statement that the future is now, with the XC40 Recharge all-electric engine being capable of pushing out up to 408 horsepower and stay on the road for over 200 miles before recharging. The fast-charger system also has made strides, being capable of refilling the battery from 0% to 80% in 40 minutes time flat. The overall weight distribution of the car is modified to account for the lack of the heavy gasoline motor being left out and the battery being located in the center of the vehicle. The battery is encased in a safety cage that has built-in crumple zones around the structure to help in case of a collision.

 2020 Volvo XC40

The XC40 Recharge development doesn’t just stop with its core systems; technology has been applied in new ways, integrating new features and capabilities with the infotainment and safety systems of the XC40. For the first time ever, Volvo works in an entirely new level of connectivity with the infotainment system, allowing for software and OS updates to be delivered wirelessly to the system. The Android Automotive OS brought in with the system is advanced, incorporating Google’s open-source Android platform and all of the best Google services we use routinely. Volvo also works hard to enhance the safety of driving with the XC40, working hard to remove distractions and help you stay safe while in the vehicle. The all-electric car works in an advanced driver assistance systems that are based around next-generation sensors and software developed by Zenuity to further help you stay safe.

Volvo’s drive to reduce the number of combustion engines is steadfast, with the overall goal to make 50 percent of its sales all-electric cars by 2025 with the rest being composed of purely hybrid vehicles. The XC40 Recharge gives Volvo strong traction towards its goal, with increased performance and strong lasting time on the road. With this all-electric vehicle hitting roadways, Volvo plans to continue to drive things forward, with other models in the works to progress towards an electric future.

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