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10 Things You Need To Know About The Ford F-150

Ford has been manufacturing trucks for decades, and customers are purchasing from them since the first day. These trucks are ideal for performing labor-heavy jobs and difficult tasks that require them to tolerate harsh conditions. Since the beginning till today, Ford is making trucks that are strong and will help you a lot on the roadway. Below, you can find some things you need to know about the Ford F-150:


F-150 is still around forty years old

Ford’s F-series is still in its forties as it was launched in 1948. In 1953, the name F-100 was replaced by F-1. Keeping in mind that it was recommended that the car Ford manufacturer switch the name as a means to respect the F-100 Super Saber jet, a greater number sounds way cooler. In 1975, the F-150 assignment filled the space as a half-ton pickup between the F-125 and the F-100. That difference placed the F-150 over EPA’s gross-vehicle weight cutoff rating to fulfill new emissions guidelines.

Features that make the Mug Pretty

Ford F-150 is now having a new look with features such as Pedestrian and Pre-Collision assist, so the truck will automatically hit the brakes when something is about to collide. This works when the truck feels like you will not be able to press brakes in time. This feature will keep the condition of your truck new, and everyone around you will be safe. Now only the exterior but the interior such as front seat covers are soft and comfortable.

Ford’s F-series is Powerful

This series was the frontrunner among pickup trucks as designed to be a heavy work truck but smaller in size. For delivery and transporting things, Model T was launched, but F-series was not a re-bodied car. Then, two motors were accessible for the F-1 as a 3.7-liter straight-six motor creation around 95 powers, as well as a 3.9-liter Flathead V8 that made around 100 hp, in 1948. The Flathead V8 likewise guaranteed that the F-1 would similarly make for a well-known speedster later in the future.

The Tech Truck

Along with Pedestrian Detection and Pre-Collision Assist, F-150 also contains features like a 4G LTE Wi-Fi, cruise control, Bang and Olufsen stereo, and Sync3 infotainment system. Just like any other current truck, it will be Android Auto compatible and Apple CarPlay, and also offers a 360-degree camera and a blind spot monitoring.

Introducing Independent Suspension

Until the mid-1960s, it was uncomfortable to ride a truck. When independent suspension arrived, it changed the market, and people started using trucks as a runaround vehicle and a work truck also. Ford contains a setup of twin-beam suspension for the front in F-series. These types of suspension are simple than the leaf springs that include coil springs; that is why Ford removed these springs. These springs were simple and used till 1996 on F-150. You can feel the power of the suspension by pressing the front ford brake pad after exerting sudden acceleration as the truck bounces.

Special Model for Super Campers

During the 1970s, Ford manufactured a great deal of F-Series "Exceptional" models, including a Contractor's Special, Ranch Special, Farm Special, Heavy-Duty Special, and an Explorer Special. From 1973-79 Ford constructed an F-350 truck intended for campers, and it goes together with a natural braid for simple trailer hookups, a sliding back guard that changed in accordance with post-retail overhead camper shades, and the wheelbase was expanded to an outrageous at that point, 140 inches. The reason for setting up the Super Camper Special was so that owners could have their overhead camper fixed and hit the road for a getaway. Furthermore, the floor mats for your ford f150 are also amazing.

Great Resale Value

The F-Series trucks hold their worth well and routinely include in Kelley Blue Book of Best Resale Value Awards. Subjecting upon the condition, obviously, they have been known to at present hold around half of their unique incentive following five years. That is 25% more than normal vehicles, and some portion of the explanation is on the grounds that Ford truck proprietors will, in general, stick to their vehicles longer than most. The sheer measure of them may clarify why the Toyota Tundra and Chevrolet Silverado at present hold their worth better.

One Component For 20 Years

Ford's F-Series trucks have liability towards progressing than new-age models being organized and worked without any planning. That suggests a lot of parts have been leading into new ages, anyway the longest-running part of Ford F-series is a front bumper. It was used throughout the three decades of F-Series trucks from 1959 to 1979.

Built for a long haul

Ford is saving you on a lot of money for the present; however, it's sure this new truck will have the best towing capacity of any F-series ever. Taking into account that the current truck can pull as much as 12,000 pounds, this is truly an extraordinary deal.


Every Ford truck lover is waiting for 2021, as Ford will update F-150 to full size. This model will be the most connected, advanced, and technical truck on the road. Ford revealed the F-150’s features in an online presentation instead of an event due to the COVID-19 outbreak this year. However, as you can understand from the above-mentioned things you need to know about the Ford F-150, you can see that this truck is perfect for heavy-duty.

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