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The New Lamborghini Urus ST-X

Most consumers will agree that the Lamborghini Urus is a unique SUV. It’s a literal horse, which is usually not an animal that you would associate with the Lamborghini brand until the Urus came along. Most wonder if the powerful SUV can get any better, but what if we told you that Lamborghini is working on a track-oriented version of the Urus? This may be pie in the sky thinking, but according to the company, this dream could become a very real reality.


Introducing the 2020 Lamborghini Urus ST-X which Warren Henry Lamborgini of Miami says is a race concept version of the company’s first-ever SUV. The high concept vehicle is a preview session of the full-production SUV which is designed for a single-brand championship that will debut during this model year in Europe and certain parts of the Middle East. The vehicle is born as a brand-new experience for Lamborghini’s motorsport program and it will offer consumers a complete package that includes the vehicle and technical support during race weekends. While the Urus ST-X retains the overall design of the Urus, it still makes a splash thanks to its race-specific features and outlandish design cues.

Introducing the 2020 Lamborghini Urus ST-X

Off the top, the production grille is completely removed and replaced with a simple mesh. Lambo didn’t alter the shape of the vents, but there are larger radiators behind the mesh, meaning that the company has found a way to improve cooling without making major modifications. The same is true for the lower bumper which looks close to the standard Urus. The hood of the engine is all-new as it features a carbon-fiber center section and big vents. There are also quick-release pins and small changes in the headlamps. Under the hood, the engine is the same as the Urus boasts a 641-horsepower and 627-lb of torque the pumps out of a twin-turbocharged V8. The Urus ST-X also includes some more safety features such as an FIA-approved roll cage and a fire-suppression system. As for the interior, it has been enhanced for track duty and adds racing seats and a roll bar.

Lamborghini has only scheduled one race for the vehicle to this point and it is set to take place at the Misano Circuit on the east coast of Italy during the 2020 Super Trofeo World Finals. Winners of that race are then invited to compete against renowned car and motorcycle and race pilots. The company says that the race is going take place on a special track which will combine asphalt and dirt.

The Urus ST-X makes it clear that the company considers the SUV a performance vehicle that unlike any other. Much like its competitors who also have high-performance racing vehicles, the preparation of the Urus for the competition is an indication that an even better version is on its way. We honestly cant wait to see what features and knowledge for the ST-X program make their way onto the newer version, but until then it is going to be a real thrill seeing the Urus fly around the track.

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