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Land Rover Announces New 2020 Defender

The Land Rover Defender is back with an all-new redesigned exterior look and unparallel off-road capability for the 2020 year! This brand new vehicle takes the iconic low front and high stationed rear exterior framework that represents the bold strength we have seen in previous generations. The powertrain works hard pushing harder and working with an optimized framework for an even stronger performance raising the bar of the Defender’s off-road capability.


Exterior That Works For Adventures

The 2020 Defender’s body is sculpted for performance; the high ground clearance and repositioning of crucial systems allow for deeper water fording and uneven terrain. The body has concisely defined architecture with tight front and rear overhangs that allow for impressive approach, break-over, and departure angles. High performing powertrains are integrated within the Defender, to be able to fuel its desire to explore off-road. Tough terrain demands for tougher framework structure and Land Rover supplies the 2020 Defender the shield it needs with a sturdier lightweight aluminum structure. Land Rover is well-known for its extremely capable 4x4 system, and we are told by Land Rover South Dade (Miami, FL) that the 2020 Defender has a redefined all-wheel-drive configuration that pushes the limits of what is possible in off-road adventuring.

Looks that Inspire Confidence

2020 Land Rover Defender

The exterior of the Defender comes in an array of colors that give a bold but welcoming look ready for adventure. Paired with a solid shiny base coating, the hood and other parts are accented with Gloss Black elements that develop contrast and establish more presence. The geometric proportions of the Defender make evident the optimized weight distribution and center of gravity for impressive approach and departure angles for climbing on steep slopes. The metalwork has been engineered out of a lightweight alloy with increased durability allowing for a thinner pillar width enhancing visibility while driving. The controls within the cabin work seamlessly into easy to reach positions on the dash and door frame. The top portion of the dash lays low transitioning into the windshield and hood supplying a better vision of the road in front of the SUV.

Next-Generation Technology

The 2020 Defender works in newly engineered and refined technology that they integrate throughout the car's systems and interior. The infotainment system is ahead of its time, with a PIVI Pro infotainment system that responds faster to touchscreen inputs and voice commands. The user interface for the infotainment system is highly customizable, allowing the driver to configure the layout reducing the number of inputs to get to their most often used applications. Smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is included, and Bluetooth connectivity is better than ever, allowing for up to two smartphone devices to connect at the same time. The driver’s display is sharp and crisp, with a focus on reducing driver distraction so you can benchmark the performance of the Defender in minimal time to maintain a safe driving atmosphere and adjust to conditions on the fly. With the furtherment of advanced technology, the safety of the 2020 Defender has been greatly enhanced by utilizing driver-assist systems. We see an impressive full surround, 360-degree camera providing crucial visibility at the touch of a button.

The 2020 Defender has big shoes to fill with the previous performances of past models, and so far Land Rover has met and surpassed them with this announcement! The improvements to the overall powertrain and 4x4 systems of the vehicle show, allowing the Defender to reach all new heights and travel through tougher terrains. The all-new design looks great, with the bold exterior and framework while having a smooth easy to access interior promise a great driving experience. Land Rover looks to bring the 2020 Defender to roadways in the U.S. coming this Spring 2020, and we look forward to hearing more as we approach that date!

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