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How Much Does A Motorcycle Weigh? All You Need To Know

Weight is one of the most essential aspects of a motorcycle. It stabilizes the functionality of the bike. But you will notice that bikes do have different weights. Wonder how much does a motorcycle weigh?

Generally speaking, the weight of a motorcycle varies. Maybe because their wheels are used for different purposes and they do come in different models. However, knowing the weight of your motorbike means you show your best friend some care. How so? Read on and learn the reasons why.


Importance Of A Motorcycle Weight

Importance Of A Motorcycle Weight

To understand better why weight is important, think about a lightweight bike and a heavy bike and you bring them out for an extreme riding adventure. Which do you think would survive? Well, a bike won’t work well if the weight is not perfect for the type of riding. A motorcycle weight works differently depending on the environment it is supposed to fit in. So, before you bring the gig out, have a check on the environment first.

If the weight is not checked, the balance of the vehicle, its stability, and ease of handling could be compromised. Weight is truly essential when it comes to a bike. It is one of the most important details to ensure before buying any model as there are different road surfaces and riding styles.

Fortunately, riders can reduce some weight nowadays but still should be performed safely.

Putting The Bike On A Mechanical Diet

Putting The Motorcycle On A Mechanical Diet

There are many additional weight options you can try but using the right ones is the only matter. Storage, add-ons, and gasoline can add weight. Toss your motorcycle in when you go away. You can have a truck or use trailers and tow your bike.

If the weight of your gig is too heavy for your ride, reduce it. The key is to make a diet plan the same as you do when you reduce your weight. Let your bike eat the right food. You don’t need to call the expert unless you are a pro for this. 

How To Reduce The Weight Of A Motorcycle

How To Reduce The Weight Of A Motorcycle

Weight plays an important role in a bike. Surely you can’t make one that floats but you can create a portable one with high performance. You may need some money to modify a motorcycle but this would surely give a happy bike afterward. Below is a guide for a starter plan.

Step 1 - Go For Lighter Wheels

Wheels are the reason why your motorcycle runs but sometimes wheels are also the reason why the gear behaves badly. This is because wheels take the most of a bike and that must be considered. You better go for lighter wheels if you want to ride a lighter bike.

Step 2 - Shorten Your Seat

There is no room for a long seat if you only ride alone, or simply hate others to back on. Single-seat treatment might be the best choice. Shortening your seat could help lower the weight of your bike that surely counts.

Step 3 - Put The Toolkit Container Away

Some bikes are equipped with toolbox attachment. Having a toolkit container might be good but a perfectly designed motorcycle does not need one anymore. Fix the screws right before you ride on so you can skip the need for carrying tools while reducing its weight to a greater extent.

Step 4 - Replace The Rims

Most manufacturers use heavy metal when creating the rims for they believe it could make the design stronger. But the truth is heavy rims have nothing to do with the motorcycle’s good running condition. So if your bike is its deadweight, change the rims.

Step 5 - Change Or Remove The Fenders

Fender is a part of a motorcycle body that covers the wheel underside to prevent the dirt from being thrown when the tire rotates. If you live in an area with a beautiful road, you can shorten your front and rear fenders or replace them with a lighter one. You can also remove them for good.

Step 6 - Use Lighter Exhausts

If you think it is great to opt for bigger types of exhaust systems, think again. Exhausts are manufactured to take out burnt gasses and fumes from the engine. Lighter exhausts are no different than heavier ones for they serve the same purpose.

Different Types Of Motorcycle

Want to learn how much does a motorcycle weigh? Discover the different types. The differences in the weight of a bike are based primarily on its type or the wide variation of its kind. Here are the common types of bikes and their average weight.


Female scooter rider in city

A beefier version of a scooter commonly weighs 200 to 300 pounds or as heavy as 91 to 136 kilograms. Nevertheless, there are heavier models of a scooter in the market which weighs up to 500 pounds. A much heavier type is great for dealing with dumpier roads.


Yamaha DS4 Motorcycle

Cruiser comes in a wide variety of weights. The average ones provide 450 to 500 pounds. This is probably a bit heavy to handle but there is much heavier – the Harley Davidson’s gigs which weight up to 700 pounds.

Sports Bike

Sports Bike

The weight of a sports bike is in a middle range for it only weighs 300 to 500 pounds. Check out the engine to see the weight of what you are buying. Since this type of motorcycle has little storage, you can free up its weight to help you handle the road nicely.


Motorcyclist in Bangkok, Thailand

Moped motorcycles are probably the lightest. They only weigh 160 to 180 pounds or as light as 73 to 82 kilograms. Having such super light heaviness, you can bring this anywhere. Another good thing about this bike is that you can able to lift it so you have nothing to worry about if you’d like to bring the gig on the bed.

Cafe Racer

Modern black cafe racer motorcycle in garage

A cafe racer or sometimes known as a scrambler is like a small tank but weighs more than a vintage bike. The average weight of a cafe racer falls from the range of 400 to 500 pounds. Depending on the add-ons you do on the bike, the weight may become higher.


Yamaha Wild Star chopper

If you find the average cruiser to be a heavy type well there is much heavier, the chopper. The choppers weigh from 650 to 720 pounds and that’s serious. Many older models weigh more due to their styles and construction.

Adventure Bike

motorcycles on a backroad

Adventure bike works nicely on the road weighing a bit more than 500 to 650 pounds. If you like traveling far away from home and you have cargos along with you, this motorcycle might be the best choice.


Touring motorcycle

If you hear a motorcycle that bells and whistles, that would be the touring motorcycles. Touring motorcycles are considered to be one of the heaviest bikes on the planet since they weigh as high as 800 to 1000 pounds on average.

Dirt Bike

Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes only weigh 100 to 250 pounds or as light as 45 to 113 kilograms. Bikes like this are some of the lighter motorcycles available suitable for kids and for people who like a lighter type. There are dirt bikes made specifically for adults as well and they weigh 250 pounds.


Black Moto Guzzi MGX-21 BAGGER motorbike

Another bike that might catch your attention is the bagger. Bagger has an average weight of 700 to 850 pounds. It is equipped with some rear storage or saddlebags. Bagger motorcycles have cruiser-style and are meant for long-distance travel.

What To Consider When Looking For A Lighter Bike

What To Consider When Looking For A Lighter Bike


The engine adds a lot of weight to a bike. It is, in fact, the heaviest part. If you are looking for a lighter motorcycle then find a smaller engine such as scooters and dirt bikes. On the other hand, heavier engines include choppers, sportbikes, and cruisers.


Some motorcycles are equipped with panniers. It is a small container placed at the back of the bike or the sides of it. This is common to touring bikes and adventure bikes. The look is pretty good but they add extra weight.


Take a look at the materials used in the bike. Old bikes are designed with super strong and reliable steel which can also be very heavy. You can opt for modern bikes that use lightweight materials such as plastic yet works efficiently on the road.


Still, doubt how much does a motorcycle weigh? Well, as mentioned above, there is no definite weight since bikes are different. Motorcycles come in a wide variety of designs, styles, and construction. There are also a lot of add-ons you can add.

Nevertheless, opt for a lighter bike if you want to run the road smoothly and ride with the heavier ones if you want an amazing adventure. But there is one thing you need to put in mind, a motorcycle is your best friend. Show care by making sure you are putting things the gig can able to bear.

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