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Best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews & Comparisons

Motorcycles have become the most preferred mode of transport in many parts of the world. Motorbike riders always relish the exhilaration that comes with taking a ride. This mode of transport is also cost-effective, especially in areas that experience traffic jams.

Motorcycle riding, however, comes with its own risks. This is why riders are often advised to keep their safety as a matter of great priority. These safety procedures include among others, protecting your head whenever you go out for rides. This is best done by choosing the best and safest motorcycle helmet.

The importance of motorcycle helmets should not be downplayed since these items go a long way in preventing extensive head injuries whenever accidents occur. Statistics indicate that head and brain injuries form the bulk of motorcycle fatalities. Such a realization ought to make helmet wearing an important aspect to all riders. Many states have implemented laws, which make it necessary for motorcycle riders to wear top motorcycle helmets, or risk being fined.

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The Importance Of Choosing The Best Motorcycle Helmets

The Importance Of Choosing The Best Motorcycle Helmets

Motorbike helmets are basically meant to absorb the devastating impact of head and brain concussions in the event of an accident. Wearing them greatly reduces the chances of suffering from serious brain injuries during crashes. A good sport bike helmet is designed in such a way that it has three major parts. There is the outside shell, the liner, and the interior. The shell is often made of hard plastic. It is designed to skid, thus preventing neck injuries. It similarly deflects penetrating objects during crashes. The liner is a helmet’s hard foam part, which compresses, thus absorbing the force of an impact. A helmet’s interior is its soft padding, which is often designed to enhance comfort.

Besides reducing the risk of fatal head injuries, the best motorcycle helmets enhance the visibility of a rider. Normally, there is a lot of debris on our roads. These may include fragments kicked off the road.

Riding without a helmet can reduce visibility since foreign particles may enter riders’ eyes. A helmet can similarly protect riders from harsh weather elements, keeping the head warm when riding in cold weather. This greatly reduces instances of respiratory diseases. During hot summers, a rider can avoid sunburn by simply wearing a helmet.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Motorcycle Helmet

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Motorcycle Helmet

A lot needs to be considered when shopping for a motorcycle helmet. Going through motorcycle helmet reviews before you come up with a budget can help you establish the best motor helmet for the price.

You need to take into consideration the level of coverage that you will receive from a helmet. In line with this, you must note that there are full face and half face motorcycle helmets. The latter is highly recommended since they provide full coverage to the head.

It is significant to establish whether the crash helmet that you intend to purchase passes safety standards set by transport and safety authorities in your local jurisdiction. There are certain standards that a helmet ought to meet during crash tests so that it passes the regulations.

The size of a helmet matters a lot. You must select a helmet that properly fits. Those which are loose ought to be avoided since they might come off during a crash, thus exposing you to more harm. Helmets are meant to protect riders from head injuries and other catastrophes, thus they should be made using compact material. The ability of a helmet to withstand crashes of whatever magnitude is sometimes gauged from its shape and size.

The level of comfort offered by a helmet is also of utmost importance. One should only purchase helmets that fit snugly. They should also feel soft on the skull. This is enhanced by the presence of DOT stockers showing that a helmet has undergone the intensive and meticulous crash test for full protection. The newer helmet, however, has removable and washable linings which lower the chances of unwelcome odors. Buyers should also look out for helmets that have good ventilation systems, which enhance the flow of air thus keeping them comfortable while on the road.

The 5 Best Motorcycle Helmets Reviewed

Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Visor, Vega X888 Full Face, 1Storm Street Bike Modular, Bell Rogue and Shoei RF 1200 are some of the best motorcycle helmet brands available on Amazon. Motorcycle riders ought to purchase these helmet models since they have passed safety standards and can prevent nasty head and neck injuries in the event of a road crash.

This review seeks to establish the best motorcycle helmet among the five products. This is a comparison of the five products based on their weight and size, safety rating, durability, convenience, and warranties. A comparison of these attributes will help you choose the best among them.

Weight And Size

Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visor (Large)

Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT is the lightest since it only weighs 2.3 pounds.

This is an important aspect of a helmet since it greatly determines how comfortable and safe it will be.

Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT weighs 2.3 pounds. Its dimensions are 13.5 by 11 by 10.5 inches. It is a large helmet and is not foldable.

Vega X888 Full Face is a medium helmet, which weighs 4.4 pounds. Its dimensions are 13.7 by 10.8 by 9.7 inches. It is also not foldable.

1Storm Street Black is a large size helmet weighing 5 pounds. There are however smaller or larger variations of the product.

Bell Rogue is similarly a large size motorcycle helmet from Bell. It weighs 2.8 pounds and measures 14 by 11.6 by 10.8 inches.

On the other hand, Shoei RF 12OO is a large helmet, which weighs 6.8 pounds. Its dimensions are 14.5 by 11 by 11.5 inches.

The size and weight of a helmet are quite important. You need to consider how large or small a helmet is, and how heavy it is during your shopping expedition. Among the five products listed above, Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT is the lightest since it only weighs 2.3 pounds. This is considerably less than the other products. It is therefore likely to be more comfortable on your head since it won’t be burdensome and heavy. Despite its relatively smaller weight, it is comparatively large, which makes it an obvious choice for motorcyclists who wish to buy large but compact and lightweight helmets.

Vega X888 Full Face ranks well when it comes to size. At 13.7 by 10.8 by 9.7 inches, it is the smallest helmet among the five by virtue of size. It is also compact if you gauge its weight against its size. It is, however, a medium-sized helmet. The other three models are considerably large in size and relatively heavy. This alone means that they are likely to be ignored by buyers wishing to purchase small and lightweight helmets. Basing on size and weight, IV2’s Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT beats the other products hands down.


Vega X888 Full Face Helmet

Vega X888 Full Face Helmet has undergone several high-quality crash tests.

Motorcycle helmets were invented to protect riders’ heads from extensive injuries in case of accidents. The degree of safety that a helmet gives those who wear it is therefore of great importance. This review seeks to analyze the safety features in each product in order to determine the one that guarantees riders maximum protection from harm during crashes.

Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT has a streamlined design, which reduces wind noise, thus improving the hearing ability of a rider. It similarly has well-proportioned air circulation vents to improve breathing when cruising at high speeds. The product similarly comes with an EPS Impact Absorption material and a lightweight ABS impact shell, which offers maximum protection to riders during crashes. The presence of a stainless steel strap secures the helmet and prevents it from coming off.

Vega X888 Full Face Helmet also has an array of safety features. What stands out, however, is a unique microbial comfort liner made of fabric. This lining is meant to cradle riders’ heads by minimizing the impact of crashes. The manufacturers went ahead to incorporate nine different types of shields. These include tints, anti-fog and mirrors, which help in maintaining the safety of riders. Vega X888 Full Face Helmet has undergone several high-quality crash tests. It therefore meets and even surpasses US DOT standard safety measures.

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular is a DOT approved size L helmet. Its standout feature is the flip-up design and impressive dual-lens, which protect riders’ eyes during crashes. The inner layer of the lens is smoked while the outer layer of the lens is clear. The outer layer is lightweight, compact and durable. It is made using an aerodynamic thermoplastic, which makes it hardy. This is a full-face helmet, which gives additional protection to riders.

Bell Rogue Helmet has a lightweight but composite shell, which is durable to optimize a rider’s comfort. Its adjustable muzzle makes breathing easy, more so when riding at high speeds. Thus half helmet has three layers, which guarantees motorcyclists maximum protection from head injuries. There is a Fid Lock magnetic connection, which makes it easy to wear or take off the muzzle while riding. The presence of speaker pockets on the helmet’s lining negates the need for motorcyclists to stop by the roadside and make calls.

Shoei RF-1200 Helmet has a stronger shell design. The manufacturers paid great attention to the reduction of wind noise. Despite this, motorcyclists can still listen to everything happening around them. The helmet comes in four shell sizes, which ensures that everyone can have a custom size. Riders can choose a size that fits them without worrying about helmets getting off during crashes. There is a remarkable dual-density lining, which helps to accommodate a more compacted design without necessarily compromising the flow of air. The inclusion of a breath guard ensures that those wearing the helmet are protected against dust and other impurities. The helmet has outstanding ventilation, which results from meticulous wind tunnel testing.


Shoei RF-1200 Matte Black Full Face Helmet - Large

Shoei RF-1200 has exhaust ports located at the front part of the helmet.

These are important factors, which greatly sway the opinion of most helmet buyers. Almost all motorcyclists prefer helmets that are convenient.

Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visor has cheek pads that can be removed and washed. It's inner lining similarly absorbs sweat when riding in hot weather. The stainless D-Ring straps are also resistant to rust. This means that the helmet can be used for a long time. Besides this, buyers can place orders for helmets that suit their specific needs.

Vega X888 Full Face Helmet’s antimicrobial inner liner enhances the comfort of a rider by offering extra support to his or her head. There are various sizes that buyers can choose from, ranging from small sized-helmets to extra-large ones. This guarantees a great fit for all riders. The product has an eye-catching design and graphics and is made using hard but lightweight material.

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike comes with removable and washable padding. This is convenient since it can be kept clean at all times. There are however users who have raised complaints about the glossy finish, which allegedly fades out quickly. It, however, has impressive features such as dust filters, which makes it convenient.

The cheek-pads in Bell Rogue helmet are plush and tightly fitted. This make is possible due to the difference in width between the back and front of the helmet. This provides guarantees comfort as you enjoy the ride.

Shoei RF-1200 has exhaust ports located at the front part of the helmet. This ensures there is a circulation of air in the helmet. The fresh air provides comfort as you ride.


1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular/Flip up Dual Visor/Sun Shield Full Face Helmet (MattBlack, Medium)

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular has a very durable Aerodynamic Thermoplastic Alloy shell and its padding are removable and washable.

Bell Rogue Helmet is a complete package as far as durability and is concerned, despite its relatively larger size. The use of an impressively lightweight shell and a plush lining makes the helmet a show stopper. The speakers are durable and they are protected by the material which is manufactured out of composite durable components.

Shoei RF-1200 contains gaskets holding the helmet at the bottom, which makes it remain intact for a long time. Its shell is amazing, having Alm+ composite which is very stiff.

The Vega X888 Full Face has an anti-microbial fabric that protects the helmet from any severe corrosion while 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular has a very durable Aerodynamic Thermoplastic Alloy shell and its padding are removable and washable.

Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Visor has a completely removable and washable interior with glove-friendly and waterproof controls which stands the test of time. On top of that, it has a stainless steel Dual D-Rings which really extends its life.


Bell Rogue Unisex-Adult Half Street Helmet

Bell Rogue Helmet is the product that offers specific warranties on defects.

Most manufacturers have warranty periods and offer refunds or free repairs on helmets damaged within a stipulated period. The manufacturers of the five products offer warranties on specific parts of the helmets. The parts that are covered and the warranty period, however, is not provided by the retailer. Vega X888 Full Face Helmet and Bell Rogue Helmet are the only products that offer specific warranties on defects. The warranties, however, exclude any modifications, crash damages, wear and tear, and improper use.

The Best Suitable Helmet And Considerations

Each of the products has its own strong points and weak points. Listing these pros and cons alongside each other can help us come to a decision as far as determining the best helmet on the market is concerned. Below is a quick recap of each individual helmet.

This helmet is preferred by a majority of low segment buyers because of its relatively cheap retail price. At 2.3 pounds, it is the lightest yet the largest among the five products. A number of those who have used it still question its ability to protect riders especially during serious crashes. Other reviewers raise questions about the quality of paint used because it easily develops scratches. However, this is a bargain buy for a motorcyclist who is looking for a decent but inexpensive helmet.

Among its advantages is the unique design, which specifically reduces wind noise. Its weight is also quite remarkable. Ironically, its lightweight design is its undoing since most readers and reviewers question its ability to withstand high impact crashes.

This helmet has gained popularity in the biking fraternity due to its impressive features, which include an antimicrobial fabric liner, which helps enhance the comfort of a rider. With different types of shield protection, the safety of riders is guaranteed during crashes. The helmet exceeds federal safety standards and also provides chin, mouth and forehead protection. Lower segment riders prefer the product because it also retails at a cheaper price than most high-end motorbike helmets. Free shipping is also offered. The product comes with a free helmet bag, which makes it easy to carry around whenever a rider is not on the road.

The product, however, has its own fair share of drawbacks. There are users who point out that the top vent easily pops off whenever they are bumped accidentally when switching the visors. The matte version of the helmed also easily picks up smudges, which can thankfully be wiped off easily. Some reviewers have complained of poor quality stitching, which makes the helmet susceptible to wear and tear. Apparently, it leaves those who wear it with a smug on their cheeks. Nonetheless, the helmet is a good buy.

The product is eye-catching due to its glossy finish, which also protects riders from harmful UV rays. Its selling price is also quite affordable. 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike is available in a variety of colors, which include red, black, white, grey, pink, green and blue. This diversity offers riders a variety of choices. It is similarly a unisex helmet.

The major undoing of this product is the fact that its size is relatively smaller than other helmets. It is even too small for those who have medium-sized heads. This is in itself a major turn off to riders who wish to own helmets that give them more freedom and comfort. The helmet’s sun visor is also not as dark as riders living in sunny places might wish. On the flip side, however, its ventilation makes it perfect for use in areas that have hot weather. Those who have used this helmet in the past have also expressed their displeasure at the matter finish at the back, which has stickers that can not be easily removed.

Despite its large size, the Bell Rogue helmet has an impressive weight of 2.8 pounds. It is a standout half helmet and one of Bell’s most prominent products. Its standout feature is the muzzle, which shields the face from cold temperatures, bugs, and wind. Its five-year warranty guarantees refunds and free replacement on damages of specific parts.

The helmet, however, has its disadvantages. Those who own it find it difficult to keep it clean since it easily catches grease spots, marks, and streaks. When cruising at speeds of over 70 miles per hour, there are irritating noises, which makes it hard for the motorcyclist to concentrate on the road. A number of riders are also at fault with the muzzle, which they claim is located too low on their faces. Instead of covering the nose, it ends up covering the mouth and chin, which is quite annoying. There have also been complaints about the faceguard sticking out, which prevents riders from seeing their bikes’ odometer, gas gauge and speedometer.

This is a large helmet, weighing 6.8 pounds. This puts off individuals who wish to buy lighter and more compact helmets. 14.5 x 11 x 11.5 inches. It is quite large and may not be suitable for riders whose head sizes are small. Among the five products, it is the most expensive since its price is nearly twice as much as the second expensive helmet.

It is advantageous since buyers can choose their preferred colors. There are varieties of colors including red, grey, black, white, yellow, purple, pink and maroon.

Shoei has an advantage over the other products since RF models have been in production for over 30 years. Despite its large size and relatively huge weight, the helmet is quite comfortable. It has 3D padding, which absorbs much of the weight. This makes it the best helmets for riders who have previously been involved in crashes.

A number of those who have used it raise complaints about the horrendous noise that it produces when riding at high speeds. This is despite the pads that come with a new Shoei RF-1200 Helmet. It can also exert too much pressure in the nose.

In addition, it strains the neck when riding at high speed because riders find it difficult to see when the vents are open. When going for long rides, a number of motorcyclists have complained about neck soreness and irritation.

Which Is The Best Motorcycle Helmet

The five products are without a doubt impressive since they are the best motorcycle helmets in the market. Each boasts of impressive features. The manufacturers obviously targeted buyers of different economic classes. Going through motorcycle helmet reviews, readers may base their decision on the best product on all the aforementioned factors.

Our Top Pick: Bell Rogue Unisex-Adult Half Street Helmet

Bell Rogue Helmet impresses due to its medium size and lightweight. This makes it the best motorcycle helmets in the market. It similarly comes in several colors. It is the best sport-bike helmet due to its impressive and unbeatable safety features such as the sunscreen and visor. Such features, coupled with maximum protection from injuries during road crashes makes its price look like a bargain. The manufacturer also offers a five-year warranty. This among other factors makes it the best motorcycle helmet for the price.

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