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Audi Announces Concept For Urban Mobility

At the Auto Shanghai 2019 convention, guests saw a sneak peek at the future with the Audi AI:ME. The Audi AI:ME has the ability to drive autonomously at Level Four. Our tech consultant at Audi Wilmington, DE explained that Level Four allows fully autonomous driving so a human driver can still request control. Since the AI:ME can be fully autonomous, Audi designers focused on the interior of the AI:ME. The concept for the interior of the car is to give occupants “an oasis from the city as they travel from one point to the next.” Audi designers thought of everything with seats modeled after armchairs and real climbing plants across the see-through roof of the interior. Yes, you read that correctly, there are real-life plants in the AI:ME. Beyond bringing nature into concrete cities the plants serve an important purpose, to turn the polluted air quality of the city into fresh, clean air.


Audi Announces Concept For Urban Mobility

A Third Living Space

With the amount of time, we spend in our cars going from here to there Audi wanted to create something more than just another vehicle, they wanted to create a third living space. The lounge chair inspired seats can automatically adjust to your favorite position when the vehicle is unlocked and the front seats can rotate so the front occupants can easily chat with those in the back. When the driver is facing forwards and using the AI:ME fully autonomously they can rest their feet on the supports under the dashboard. The supports work as an ottoman to further extend the feeling of relaxing in your living room. Instead of cupholders the AI:ME uses tables with magnets to securely hold metal cups and plates in place. When the AI:ME is being used fully autonomously and the steering wheel is no longer needed, the steering wheel retracts and is replaced with a table.

Full Comfort Control

Front and center, yet almost completely inconspicuous is a touch panel with displays that stay hidden until touched or a voice command is given. Temperature, lighting, seating, and audio controls are all found in the touch panel, along with internet access, wellness tips, and curated restaurant suggestions. There is even VR goggle on board so passengers can fully immerse themselves in a movie or an interactive game.

No Noise

It can be tough to fully unwind and relax with the constant noise of the city surrounding you, which is why the AI:ME uses an impressive noise cancelation system. The system can completely drown out the constant barrage of city noise and replace it with utter silence. If quiet meditation is not your forte just turn up the volume and become completely surrounded by the sounds of your choosing with the AI:ME’s high-tech audio system.

A Relaxing Drive!

The Audi AI:ME has turned the stressful journey of navigating through the city into one of complete calm and relaxation. Traveling from one destination to the next is longer just about getting from point a to be. The Audi AI:ME allows you to unwind from a stressful day, converse with your fellow passengers, watch a movie, or get some work down so by the time you arrive at home you focus solely on spending time with your loved ones. An oasis, a sanctuary, a third living space, the Audi AI:ME is here to completely transform our idea of urban mobility.

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