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9 Ways Car Owners Can Protect The Environment

We know we want the Earth to be around for the coming generations. However, the state of our beloved planet is deteriorating day by day, due to pollution.

The air pollution caused by cars being driven all over the globe is not something we can overlook. And for that, every car owner needs to take specific steps to make sure he is playing his part.

Be a green car owner. And to do that, you don’t need to get yourself a hybrid or stop driving a car entirely, to make a difference.

It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you are using; there are simple ways you can adapt to protect the environment. These methods are beneficial and easy to implement.


1. Try To Buy Used Parts When You Need Some Spares

Whenever somebody ditches their car because it is not drivable anymore, the car has many components that are still working completely fine, even though the car as a whole is unable to function anymore.

Those parts sit and wait in the junkyard, being of no use, and adding up to the land pollution. By buying those parts, you will give a new life to the parts which would otherwise sit around and be useless.

At the same time, you will also be reducing the amount of packaging that is being used. You will also manage to minimize the manufacturing needed for repairing your car. Last but not least, you will save yourself tons of money!

2. Properly Dispose Of The Used Fluids

If you are changing your oil, make sure you do the right thing with the used oil. Take it to the used oil collection center, do not drain it where the water goes. 

Carefully disposing of such fluids helps keep them out of the water. Other fluids that are associated with your car are also contaminants.

Make sure you keep them away from water as well. Check if the recycling centers in your area accept used antifreeze, and if they do, take them there.

3. Make The Car More Environmentally Friendly

A car has many harmful emissions. A catalytic converter converts the harmful compounds into less harmful compounds before they leave the car’s exhaust system. So install those in your car for your car to become environment-friendly.

4. Be Careful While Washing Your Car

While you are washing your car, there are a few simple and easy things you can take care of, to make sure that you don’t waste water and avoid contaminating groundwater.

First of all, use a non-toxic cleaner to wash your car. Wash your car on a gravel or grass area to filter out the dirty water.

Make sure your hose has a nozzle so that you can cut the water off whenever you are not using it. And last, try to go to a commercial car wash instead of washing the car yourself.

Automatic car wash in action

5. Maintain Your Vehicle

If your car is maintained correctly, it will use less gas. There will be fewer leaks, which means fewer fluids will be dumped onto the ground. 

Make sure you have regular tune-up sessions of your car. Call your mechanic if your car is due.

6. Don’t Use Your Car Occasionally

Take a look at your schedule, and come up with ways in which you wouldn’t have to use your car. If you leave it parked, you can save gas, your gas money, as well as the environment.

Minimizing your car use will also help minimize pollution from your side. Instead of using your car, take a walk, ride a bike, carpool, skip the trip, or take public transportation.

If any of that is possible, go for the alternative way instead of using your car to go places.

7. Recycle Your Car For Cash

Don’t abandon your car in the woods if it no longer works. You can easily recycle it for cash. The components of your vehicle are going to be used as the spare parts for another car owner, or even as steel beams in any construction project.

Not only that, but they can also be used as backsplashes for a bathroom or a kitchen, or as rubber mulch for any playground.

8. Do Not Top The Gas Off

While you are fueling your car, you need to stop when the nozzle stops automatically. Forcing extra gas into the vehicle will do you no good.

It will not only cause your fumes to leak, but your hands will also end up smelling like gas. You’d like neither, of course.

9. Keep Your Tires Under Check

9. Keep Your Tires Under Check

Appropriate tire pressure will improve your mileage by 3.3 percent. If your tires are poorly inflated, they will be more resistive towards rolling, forcing your engine to work way harder than it needs to.

So you need to maintain the tire pressure to save yourself the hassle, and in doing so, you’ll help the environment as well.


All these steps would reflect positively on the environment and can reduce the carbon emission into the atmosphere.

If more people would practically implement these then there can be a significant change within the environment. 

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