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Top Features To Get In A Family Car

If you’re in the market for a new family car, there are several features that are absolute must-haves that will make your life so much easier.

First off if you’re in the market for a minivan rather than an SUV or sedan we highly recommend opting for power-sliding doors, especially the ones that open and close at the push of a button. These are great for when your hands are full carrying your kids and when your kids are still small to open and close the heavy doors themselves. One of the best features of power-sliding doors is that they will stop if they detect something like fingers so they’ll be no more tears over smashed fingers.


For babies and small children, we absolutely recommend purchasing a vehicle with a LATCH system. LATCH stands for “lower anchors and tethers for children” and is designed to make loading and child seat into a car a breeze. We suggest you bring along your child’s car seat when you’re out shopping and make sure it’s easy to load the car seat into the vehicle. You spend so much time loading and unloading them into your vehicle you want to make sure the process is an easy one.

install car seat

Here’s a new one as suggested by Rochester Hills Dodge Jeep (Rochester Hills, MI): sunshades. While you can but the ones that you can stick onto your vehicle's window, tend to fall off and simply just don’t work so well. Luckily, a lot of manufacturers now offer vehicles with built-in rear sunshades. These sun shades cover the entire window, never fall down, and do a brilliant job of keeping the sun out of your child's eyes. 

Car sunshade and baby seat car curtains

Instead of a traditional two-row vehicle we recommend opting for that third row of seating. Maybe you’re only a family of four but with seating for seven or eight you’ll be able to shuttle around your child's friends as well. Don’t forget those rear seats fold down as well which opens up your cargo space so you can fit even more inside your vehicle. If you’re thinking of getting a minivan you can opt for either the second-row bench seat or second-row captain's chairs. While the captain’s chairs bring seating down to seven it makes it even easier to get into the third-row. An especially nice feature about captain’s chairs is that they are individual seats with plenty of space in between them. This means you won’t hear complaints about one child being in the other one's space.

While not a necessity there are a few extra features that are extremely nice to have. For starters, a rear entertainment system is a great way to keep your kiddos entertained on long car rides. Some rear entertainment systems like the one in the Chrysler Pacifica also come fully loaded with educational games along with a Bluray player and wireless headphones. The Chrysler Pacifica also has a version with an in-vehicle vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning up messes a piece of cake, and let's face it, kids make a lot of messes. 

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