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Top 8 Incredible Reasons Why You Must Start Biking To Work Today!


Are you looking for a simple way to be physically fit without stepping a foot in the gym? Running and swimming can come in handy. However, when you have a tight schedule, both may happen on an occasional basis. Thus, it might have minimal benefits. If you wish to try something with enormous benefits, try biking to work regularly. One may wonder. Are there good cycling infrastructures? Why should one bike in the first place while they can take a cab, a bus, or drive to work? Below are some incredible reasons why you must start biking to work today!


1. Be Physically Fit

Living a health-conscious life requires proper diet and exercise. Due to the enormous workload or a busy social life, one might hardly find time for themselves. However, when you start biking, you incorporate an easy way to be physically fit into your busy schedule.

Cycling assists in burning calories in the body by speeding up the metabolic process. That's not all. It's a great way to enhance the cardiovascular as well as the aerobic process. When biking, you minimize your chances of getting high blood pressure.

Cycling allows one's muscles to be in sync, thus improving coordination skills in the body. It's a great way to boost energy while building on muscles.

To get all these perks, you need to spare a few cash and purchase the proper bicycle equipment & gear. You can visit a bike store and enquire about them. Or you can decide to check online on the best bicycle equipment that one must-have.

2. It Is Fun

Cycling is outright fun. Its time to reminisce fond childhood memories and awaken the child inside your soul. One may often want to avoid the stress of their work-life and leave a carefree life.

While you are biking, you get a chance to exhilarate and relax. You observe your surrounding and be in sync. As you bike in the morning, you get to enjoy the wonders of nature. You hear birds chirp as they welcome each new morning and have a renewed sense of hope.

Cycling is outright fun

3. Be Happy

Cycling infrastructures have undergone significant changes. Governments are working day and night to secure bike paths on their busy roads. Thus you can enjoy biking at your pleasure. Biking makes one happy. While others get stuck in the morning or evening traffic, you can easily maneuver to work with your bicycle. 

In the process, you engage in something that makes you happy. It's a form of therapy in transit. Participating in daily exercise works wonders for the human body. You get to relieve tension build-up within the human body. It's a chance to alleviate depression symptoms as well as minimize anxiety. 

While you exercise outdoors, you can build on your self-confidence. Healthy self-esteem enables one to have improved moods. It's a chance to face all your insecurities by trying something different

4. Brainpower

The biking process engages the mind to be focused. It makes you smarter as you are already supercharged before arriving at work. It is an effective way to hinder cognitive decline. 

Exercising the brain allows one to have a shaper memory as well as speeds up the learning process. It, in turn, enhances general brain performance. However, this doesn't mean you can transform into an astrophysicist with a snap of a finger.  

On the bright side, biking improves your chances of being better at the workplace. Thus, you can improve productivity. And who knows maybe you might turn out to be an employee of the month!

5. Enjoy The Fresh Air

Cycle to work

The world has become focused on minimizing the carbon footprint. The emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is detrimental. It affects all living creatures. Change begins with you to participate in this noble process.

As you cycle to work, you engage in an activity that releases clean energy. Biking releases zero-carbon gases thus you participate in ensuring there is fresh air

6. It Is Convenient

People often think that biking causes a lot of inconveniences while headed to work. Hover, that's a misconception. It is advantageous as it allows you to spend minimal time in traffic. Its easier to find a parking spot each morning.

Many workplaces are incorporating bike parking. It thus makes it easier for employees who bike to work, they have a place to leave their bicycles. Having a cycling bag allows you to carry all your work-related materials with ease.

7. Safety Purposes

With the introduction of bike pavements, more cyclists can enjoy their time. It's the safest means of travel. It minimizes your chances of colliding with other cyclists. With the number of cyclists increasing each day, drivers are becoming more cautious. The drivers’ behaviors are changing to practicing safer driving.

8. Freedom

Biking is great way to explore the city

Taking a trip down memory lane, one can often remember the time they have their training wheels removed. It's a sense of freedom achieved. As years passed, freedom brings one joy as there is no more depending on anything or someone.

As years roll by, one often acquires a car. It makes life much more relaxed, and independence crawls in. However, after years of getting stuck in traffic, a vehicle starts feeling like a prison. Do you want to experience freedom again? Try biking!  

It's a great way to engage in exploring the city at your own pace. No more worries, on someone honking at you to move your vehicle. Make a stop at your favorite restaurant and have a bite. Check out the neighborhood and wave at your new-found friends.  

Biking is a fantastic way to see the community as well as the city in a fresh and new perspective.


Biking is a chance to live life anew. The above reasons are a great start to your biking experience. However, you cant enjoy all the perks that come with cycling without the proper bicycle equipment & gear. Before you jump on your bike and take a spin, ensure you have the recommended speed. It will ensure you are safe as you commute to your workplace. Have fun biking to work!

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