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How Technology is Changing the Vehicle Industry

Modern motor vehicle systems are becoming more and more complex with each new release, as sensors and technology get added to track pretty much any aspect they can, from tire pressure to engine temperature. This technology is essential for drivers and mechanics to be able to track and maintain the vehicles, and it can also increase the safety of the vehicle. There is even technology to help you understand what's wrong with your vehicle, such as OBDII scan tools. Technology is truly the king of the road today and is definitely shaping our future as drivers.


How Technology is Changing the Vehicle Industry

Safety Technology

Every driver is concerned with safety and country-wide campaigns are going a long way to ensure that safety is placed in the spotlight. Companies are also creating private sector coalitions to ensure safety for everyone on the road. Safety for the trucking industry is also very important as it is directly related to safety on the roads. In 2014, nearly 4,000 large trucks and buses were unfortunately involved in accidents which turned out to be fatal, but many more people were injured. For this reason, a technology designed to improve driver behavior and assess liability in the event of an accident can be an incredible aid for truck drivers. Technology can also be used to reduce vehicle damage and implement even more advanced collision avoidance systems.

According to Bill Busbice, a life-long entrepreneur, trucking tech concerned with improving the lives of long-haul truckers by making organizing loads and dispatching less time-consuming for truckers, can greatly improve efficiency. This, therefore allows the truck drivers to be less tired and more focused while on the road. With the use of specific apps, organizing loads and dispatching becomes less cumbersome by allowing them to arrange tens of thousands of loads, eliminating paperwork and providing real-time updates for loads and availability of new loads. 

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Fuel Efficiency

Technology is also developing ways to improve fuel efficiency, a feat that could generate thousands of dollars in savings. Advanced enhanced leak detection systems currently help drivers take action when fuel efficiency is compromised and a growing number of companies are tackling this issue to optimize fuel efficiency as much as possible. 

Although fuel efficiency is still an area where there is much progress to be made, as gallons of fuel are wasted every day, companies are putting forward their best efforts to ensure that this is addressed as quickly as possible.

Electronic Road Signs

Technology has now made its way also in the world of road signs, integrated directly with GPS devices. Most drivers are comfortable with the information shared by GPS devices and are free to pay attention to the road knowing that the GPS device informs them at each step on the occurrence of a new road sign. Adverse weather is no longer a problem, as a graphic representation can easily be shown on a GPS screen.

Over the last few years, new technologies relating to road transport have increased dramatically, improving road safety and making the journey more comfortable for drivers and passengers. This shows a clear upward trend for the future, as technology will certainly continue to shape the way we drive; perhaps we are just one step away from driverless vehicles.

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