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What Car Damage Should You Never Ignore?

It’s a foreign concept to me that some car owners are able to stand damage to their car without getting it fixed. Anything less than perfect is just… not good enough for me as a car owner. My car just needs to be as pristine as the Sistine Chapel if not more so. There’s aesthetic damage, which, in a lot of cases, is understandable as normal signs of wear and tear. Then there’s a different type of damage that could be potentially dangerous to the driver and other people on and off the road.

There are a variety of examples for this type of damage, with some being worse than others. The thing that's common among all of them is that repairing your car should be among the first things you consider doing once you notice any problem at all. You can liken these car problems to your own health when you have symptoms of an illness or injury and which are often indicative of a bigger problem. So, what are some examples of car problems that you should never ignore?



Any fluid that leaks from your car should already alert you to a major problem. Cars aren’t designed to leave the fluid on the road. If you notice any fluid at where you parked your car, you need to have your car checked immediately because the residue could be anything from transmission fluid to motor oil to water. Whichever the case is, whatever is leaking, it’s probably something important.

Unstable Ride

A bumpy ride can be an indication that your shocks and suspension may have been worn down. You may also need to have your tires checked and, if necessary, aligned. The vibrations from a bumpy ride can also damage other components of your car and could even potentially compromise the integrity of your car frame. Even the smallest breakages in your car can become amplified by the vibrations caused by bad suspension and worn-out shocks. This may even worsen the wear when using performance features like overdrive.

Squealing Tires

Measuring tread wear on a car tire

Squealing tires are often indicative of low tire pressure but they may also mean something more serious like worn treads. Whichever the case is, it's important to check your tires and to ensure that they're in good working condition because they are movement parts and losing them while in motion also means losing control of your car.

Grinding Or Vibrating Brakes

Grinding or vibrating brakes are indicative of sub-par condition or worse, overburdened brakes. When your brakes are nearing the end of their lifespan, the risk of losing control increases greatly. The danger of not being able to regulate the speed of your car, much less stop it, will put lives at risk. Like all items in this article, it's important to get your brakes checked immediately and replaced if necessary.


Car safety is not a thing that should be taken lightly. It is every owner's responsibility to ensure that his car is roadworthy and safe to use. Failure to secure your car doesn't only put yourself at risk. It also puts other people at risk, and this may even be grounds for legal action against you.

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