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RV Maintenance Tips To Avoid Costly And Expensive Repairs

The price tag of purchasing an RV is close to the price tag of buying a new home, that’s why it's not surprising that many RVers make sure their RVs are well-maintained. But aside from the upfront cost of buying an expensive vehicle, other fees need to be considered, such as gas, campground fees, and maintenance.

The same with a traditional home, living in an RV requires every owner to conduct regular maintenance. This is to ensure that everything is in place, and everything is running smoothly. A regular maintenance also prevents any expensive costs due to minor issues that are being neglected. But since many parts of an RV requires maintenance, which part should you check first?

Read on as we share the essential RV maintenance you can do by yourself to save on paying repair shops for them to do it.


Keep Those Tanks Clean

One of the best things that RVing can offer is the residential feeling that it offers, and having a comfortable restroom is one of its advantages. You don't need to use and share public restrooms since you already have one in your RV. However, having your restroom requires you to be a responsible owner.

Your water holding tank is as good as you take care of it. Over time, your water holding tank will wear and get dirty, so always drain your water tanks every after a trip. If you're infinitely on the road, make sure to check it after a long trip and get it drained.

You can use diluted bleach to sanitize your water tanks to prevent any dirt and germ accumulation.

There are already many RVs that have a restroom ready. If you are interested and ready to start a new life on the road, you can check My Financing USA to assist you in RV financing. For further inquiries, you can click apply here to visit their website directly. 

Monitor Your HVAC System

The same principle followed in taking good care of an HVAC system is also applied when living in an RV. Your HVAC system has a lot to do in giving you and your family a good and comfortable road life. You don't want to start sweating over summer or chilling during the winter because you forget to conduct regular maintenance on your HVAC system.

Climate control is critical while RVing, so make sure that you regularly check your HVAC system. You can change the filter to prevent any ickiness in the air. It also keeps your air-conditioning unit from cooling properly. Also, don't forget to check your thermostat and freon levels as these two contribute a lot in cooling your RV interiors.

Check Your RV Batteries

RV batteries are essential parts of RVing, and you can't just go without it. However, conducting an RV battery maintenance depends on what kind of RV battery you have installed in your RV. If you can identify what RV battery you're using, you can apply the proper maintenance to it.

For Lithium-Ion Batteries. You don't need to worry about exposing it to colder temperatures as they can handle it better than any other battery types.

For upgraded marine-style battery. Water levels are not your problem as well as they are more equipped with this feature since they are originally designed to be used for water vehicles.

Traditional batteries. If you're using a lead-acid battery, you need to conduct regular water checking levels, keep them at relatively moderate temperature to prevent warming, and always look out for any signs of sulfation. But never try to put water in an AGM battery. You might skip that thought.

Go and See the Roof

Your RV roof is the least part of the RV that you frequently see. Of course, they're on top. But even though they're on top, it doesn't mean that you need to dismiss the thought of getting it checked. RV roofs are very susceptible to many things, such as weather changes that can cause early deterioration.

If you're using your RV during weekend camping, at least make sure to buy an RV cover to protect while it's parked. Or if you're always on the road and started a new lifestyle, invest in getting an RV carport. Carport makes sure that your RV roof is protected even when it's parked. It also prevents you from spending a lot once it starts to incur more damages.

Run Your Generator

Did you know that unused generators have a long time effect on your RV? Generators use fuel or gas to function. The moment they stop regulating, these chemicals will start to gunk up in the insides of your generator, resulting in your generator not working properly.

If you're always on the road, the generator is your true friend as it’s your source of energy. Not unless you have solar panels installed. Anyhow, to prevent you from spending a dime in buying a new generator, turning on your generator every month can save you.

With these, you're diverting any possibilities of major damage. Generators are not set for any repairs if there's major damage, so you'll need to buy one to replace it completely.

Keep Your Tires In Good Condition

Just like in owning a typical car or an SUV, you always need to have your tires in good condition. Not to mention that to always bring a spare tire with you while on the road. Well, that principle has not changed when it comes to RVing.

To prevent wear and tear in your tires, make sure that it's covered when you park your RV or unused. Sun rays can deteriorate your tires quickly.

If you're on an RV break, do minimal maintenance with your RV tires by cleaning and treating it with a UV protectant. This is to ensure that they reach their age, and you can efficiently use them on the road. 


The responsibility of having a home is the same as owning an RV. Expensive properties require regular maintenance to keep them good in condition and avoid expensive costs in the future. RVing is a luxurious lifestyle, and you can't afford to handle any extra expenses when you can actually avoid one.

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