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Get Your Car Ready For The Fall

As the leaves change and the weather starts to get colder, your car needs to be prepared to handle the upcoming seasons. Your vehicle can be negatively impacted by the cold weather in all sorts of ways. So it's best to use the fall season to prepare your car for the harshness of the Winter. Cold weather makes it difficult for your tires to maintain their grip and can make the windshield defenseless against cracks. Working with Circle Automotive in Highland, IN, we have come up with a few tips to help protect your vehicle form the vicious drop in temperature.

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Mazda’s Skyactiv Technology

With driving being an essential part of life, outstanding fuel efficiency should never come at the expense of performance. So, naturally, the driving-obsessed engineers over at Mazda found a way to make their vehicles do both. With all-new Skyactiv Technology, every aspect of every one of their cars is designed to maximize driving ability and efficiency. From the engine technology to the chassis and transmission, this new technology offers impressive mpg ratings without compromising performance. Skyactiv technology makes driving a Mazda even better!

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Land Rover Announces New 2020 Defender

The Land Rover Defender is back with an all-new redesigned exterior look and unparallel off-road capability for the 2020 year! This brand new vehicle takes the iconic low front and high stationed rear exterior framework that represents the bold strength we have seen in previous generations. The powertrain works hard pushing harder and working with an optimized framework for an even stronger performance raising the bar of the Defender’s off-road capability.

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Lamborghini’s New Supercapacitor

With a long history of making waves with its traffic-stopping designs and innovative tech, Lamborghini has unveiled its latest creation, the Sian hybrid supercar! As expected, the Sian hybrid has ditched the traditional battery pack in favor of a supercapacitor to power its electric motor. Hybrids typically use a lithium-ion battery pack to store energy. Then, where applicable, it transfers electrical current to a motor to help the gas-powered engine or take over propulsion entirely. It's a system that has successfully improved gas mileage and sold over six million Toyota Prius. Keeping all this in mind, Lamborghini still decided to go with a supercapacitor instead of the traditional battery.

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A Much Cooler Cat – 2020 Jaguar XE

Since its debut, the XE has essentially been a smaller clone of Jaguar's mid-size XF. The 2020 updates, however, bring it even closer to its bigger brother. First, the look of the XE’s front end starts with powerful LED headlights accented with J-shaped running lights. In the rear, all versions feature updated rear bumpers with separated chrome exhaust tips. The performance R-Dynamic models swaps black exterior trim in place of chrome and features sportier alloy wheels up to 21 inches in diameter.

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Importance Of Detailing Your Car

You might have the preconceived notion that car detailing is all about racing stripes and other bright decals and vinyl. When in reality car detailing just means a thorough cleaning of your vehicle from the inside out. When you go to get your car detailed you can choose to have them focus solely on the interior, exterior, or both. You can also choose the level of detailing you want from a quick wax and shine to a more extensive detailing which includes buffing out scratches and other exterior blemishes.

While buffing out blemishes is a bonus at the very least we recommend a basic exterior detailing. This normally includes everything from a wash to applying a sealant. Detailers normally start with a high-powered wash immediately followed by a hand washing with a mild soap. The exterior wash is extremely important since it will remove all of the debris from your car you accumulate from daily driving. Some debris like road salt are abrasive and can cause damage over time. When road salt is left to its own devices it will start to break down the protective barrier on your vehicle and eventually cause paint damage and even rust. Corrosive materials that end build up on your vehicle over time is the biggest reason we recommend getting your vehicle detailed every so often.

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