How To Change Your Oil Pan Gasket In 7 Steps

According to Repair Pal, an estimation service on car repairs the average cost to have your oil pan gasket professionally changed is $474 and $580! The cost for the mechanic’s labor alone is $130 and $145 I happen to think that’s outrageous.

Using synthetic oil member reviews the pricing for an oil change was an oil change typically costs $20 to $55. Using synthetic oil bumps the price to $45 to $70 on average. In my area of the country (United States, all prices are U.S. dollars) it’s $19.95 at Uncle Ed’s Oil Shoppe. Using synthetic oil generally bumps it up to $20.00 or so.

Now I happen to think mechanics have more difficult jobs to deal with than an oil pan gasket. Besides, that’s a lot of money for two or three hours of work that you or I could do with the right tools (and that’s really all it takes, a little knowledge, and the right tools).

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Tips To Teach Your Teen To Drive

Many of us remember the excitement of getting our first learner’s permit or finally getting our driver’s licenses. While some teens might need to overcome some reluctance to learn how to drive, it’s an important life skill and rite of passage.

Teaching your teenager can be anxiety-inducing. There will be a lot of time spent driving aimlessly around empty parking lots and slamming on the breaks down quiet streets. However, teaching teenagers how to drive doesn’t need to be terrifying or stressful for parents. Remember, you want them to learn to be a safe and responsible driver. It’s an essential skill that teens should master. Who better to learn from than you? Here are a few tricks on teaching your teen how to drive without losing your mind:

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How To Change The Brake Pads In Your Vehicle

One of the most basic DIY or do-it-yourself items in your vehicle is the brake pads. The brake pads rub against the rotor or brake disks to create friction while stopping the vehicle. And as you might have guessed, brake pads are consumable and are not designed to last forever.

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What Does SAE Stand For In Motor Oil?

Have you ever wondered what SAE stands for in motor oil? The actual meaning of SAE is not entirely important when choosing motor oil for your engine. However, the SAE ratings deserve more attention.

SAE Is A Rating System For Measuring Motor Oil Viscosity

Yes, that’s right. The Society of Automotive Engineers or SAE developed a scale to compare motor oil viscosity grades for engines and transmissions. 

The SAE was founded in 1905 and is a globally active association for engineering professionals in a multitude of industries. This includes automotive, commercial vehicles, and aerospace applications. The goal of the SAE is to develop engineering standards and solve technical design problems as gasoline-powered vehicles became mainstream in the early 1900s.

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A Much Cooler Cat – 2020 Jaguar XE

Since its debut, the XE has essentially been a smaller clone of Jaguar's mid-size XF. The 2020 updates, however, bring it even closer to its bigger brother. First, the look of the XE’s front end starts with powerful LED headlights accented with J-shaped running lights. In the rear, all versions feature updated rear bumpers with separated chrome exhaust tips. The performance R-Dynamic models swap black exterior trim in place of chrome and feature sportier alloy wheels up to 21 inches in diameter.

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Importance Of Detailing Your Car

You might have the preconceived notion that car detailing is all about racing stripes and other bright decals and vinyl. When in reality car detailing just means a thorough cleaning of your vehicle from the inside out. When you go to get your car detailed you can choose to have them focus solely on the interior, exterior, or both. You can also choose the level of detailing that you want from a quick wax and shine to a more extensive detailing which includes buffing out scratches and other exterior blemishes.

While buffing out blemishes is a bonus at the very least we recommend a basic exterior detailing. This normally includes everything from a wash to applying a sealant. Detailers normally start with a high-powered wash immediately followed by handwashing with a mild soap. The exterior wash is extremely important since it will remove all of the debris from your car you accumulate from daily driving. Some debris like road salt is abrasive and can cause damage over time. When road salt is left to its own devices it will start to break down the protective barrier on your vehicle and eventually cause paint damage and even rust. Corrosive materials that end build up on your vehicle over time is the biggest reason we recommend getting your vehicle detailed every so often.

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