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Land Rover Announces New 2020 Defender

The Land Rover Defender is back with an all-new redesigned exterior look and unparallel off-road capability for the 2020 year! This brand new vehicle takes the iconic low front and high stationed rear exterior framework that represents the bold strength we have seen in previous generations. The powertrain works hard pushing harder and working with an optimized framework for an even stronger performance raising the bar of the Defender’s off-road capability.

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Lamborghini’s New Supercapacitor

With a long history of making waves with its traffic-stopping designs and innovative tech, Lamborghini has unveiled its latest creation, the Sian hybrid supercar! As expected, the Sian hybrid has ditched the traditional battery pack in favor of a supercapacitor to power its electric motor. Hybrids typically use a lithium-ion battery pack to store energy. Then, where applicable, it transfers electrical current to a motor to help the gas-powered engine or take over propulsion entirely. It's a system that has successfully improved gas mileage and sold over six million Toyota Prius. Keeping all this in mind, Lamborghini still decided to go with a supercapacitor instead of the traditional battery.

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Top 8 Incredible Reasons Why You Must Start Biking To Work Today!


Are you looking for a simple way to be physically fit without stepping a foot in the gym? Running and swimming can come in handy. However, when you have a tight schedule, both may happen on an occasional basis. Thus, it might have minimal benefits. If you wish to try something with enormous benefits, try biking to work regularly. One may wonder. Are there good cycling infrastructures? Why should one bike in the first place while they can take a cab, a bus, or drive to work? Below are some incredible reasons why you must start biking to work today!

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Harley-Davidson Motorcycles In 2020

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this legendary American company has been producing motorcycles since the beginning of the 20th century. It never ceases to amaze cycling enthusiasts around the world with its innovative and superbly designed product ranges. Harley-Davidson bikes have long earned a reputation for high-quality, unique design, and powerful engines. These machines symbolize freedom and entitle you to a membership in the Harley Owners Group (HOG). In 2020, Harley-Davidson will offer its fans even more quality motorcycles than it did before.

The company’s new product range combines cutting-edge technology with a classic design. As part of its More Roads strategy, Harley-Davidson intends to produce even more technologically advanced motorcycles. Professional writing services are also keeping pace with the latest trends, and you can always expect to get an excellent piece of academic writing from them.

Harley-Davidson is going to expand its product range by launching the improved Touring and Trike lineup of heavy motorcycles, as well as its lighter and more affordable Sportster and Softail bikes. The company also plans to develop and produce 250-500 cc models for emerging markets in Asia. One of its most ambitious goals is to become a leader in the electrification of two-wheeled vehicles and create a network of charging stations in different countries of the world.

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How To Be A Safer Driver

Road accidents cost thousands of lives and millions of dollars in property damage. That said, it's always important for drivers to understand their responsibilities while they're out on the open road. 

Safety is still a top priority for many vehicle owners. Sure enough, it's not something you learn in a classroom lecture at your local driving school. There are principles you need to understand and adopt as habits.

Driver safety is still as relevant a topic as ever. And as the death toll rises from all the DUI carnage that has transpired over the years, there's definitely no better time to talk about safety.

Here are a few tips to get you started on better vehicle safety.

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How To Change Your Oil Pan Gasket In 7 Steps

According to Repair Pal, an estimation service on car repairs the average cost to have your oil pan gasket professionally changed is $474 and $580! The cost for the mechanic’s labor alone is $130 and $145 I happen to think that’s outrageous.

Using synthetic oil member reviews the pricing for an oil change was an oil change typically costs $20 to $55. Using synthetic oil bumps the price to $45 to $70 on average. In my area of the country (United States, all prices are U.S. dollars) it’s $19.95 at Uncle Ed’s Oil Shoppe. Using synthetic oil generally bumps it up to $20.00 or so.

Now I happen to think mechanics have more difficult jobs to deal with than an oil pan gasket. Besides, that’s a lot of money for two or three hours of work that you or I could do with the right tools (and that’s really all it takes, a little knowledge, and the right tools).

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