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Personal Car Leasing: How To Care For A Leased Car

If you’ve ever leased a car, there’s a good chance you’ve come into contact with two terms: ‘personal car leasing’ and ‘contract hire’ - and, in essence, they’re rather similar in meaning.

Leasing is quite similar to renting a car or van, and similar contractual terms apply. These include avoiding damage, not making alterations to the car and ensuring that insurance and maintenance are adequately covered. The biggest difference, in this case, is that ‘renting’ usually describes a short term arrangement, while ‘leasing’ generally refers to periods of between 24 to 48 months.

Another added advantage is that personal car leasing is usually reserved for brand new vehicles. Therefore, if you’ve ensured proper maintenance and insurance are in order - you’re likely to pass your lease inspection after 3 years.

It’s crucial, however, that you are clued up on maintenance and leasing as not doing so could result in either a hefty fine at the end of your contract or paying out of your pocket.

The following easy-to-read guide will take you through the most important to know steps.

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Thinking About Starting A Project Car? These Are The Things You Need To Consider First

Self-expression is one of the most fulfilling aspects of life. It comes in many forms and it
has many different meanings for each of us. To some, art is a means to express themselves, for others, it is music. Then some express themselves by building something that they deem meaningful.

There are so many car enthusiasts who find joy and meaning in creating a masterpiece of engineering, something that they can truly say is unique to them. Project cars are the perfect blend between engineering ingenuity and art, which makes them a popular recreational project. After all, building something is a great way to pass the time in your garage.

But, if done wrong, a project car can drain your resources and leave you with something that’s undrivable and worthless. After all, it’s a car and it’s meant to be driven. Like any other project, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. This article is meant to serve that purpose as best as it can.

So, what are a few things you need to consider before starting a project car?

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What Car Damage Should You Never Ignore?

It’s a foreign concept to me that some car owners are able to stand damage to their car without getting it fixed. Anything less than perfect is just… not good enough for me as a car owner. My car just needs to be as pristine as the Sistine Chapel if not more so. There’s aesthetic damage, which, in a lot of cases, is understandable as normal signs of wear and tear. Then there’s a different type of damage that could be potentially dangerous to the driver and other people on and off the road.

There are a variety of examples for this type of damage, with some being worse than others. The thing that's common among all of them is that repairing your car should be among the first things you consider doing once you notice any problem at all. You can liken these car problems to your own health when you have symptoms of an illness or injury and which are often indicative of a bigger problem. So, what are some examples of car problems that you should never ignore?

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Back To School Driving Tips

It's fall, and that means over 55 million students across America are heading back to school. With roughly 13 percent of those children walking or biking to school, drivers should remain vigilant for pedestrians before and after school hours. Thanks to Victory Automotive (Delmont, PA), here are some recommendations for drivers so that you can help keep not only your kids safe but other students safe as well.

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Get Your Car Ready For The Fall

As the leaves change and the weather starts to get colder, your car needs to be prepared to handle the upcoming seasons. Your vehicle can be negatively impacted by the cold weather in all sorts of ways. So it's best to use the fall season to prepare your car for the harshness of the Winter. Cold weather makes it difficult for your tires to maintain their grip and can make the windshield defenseless against cracks. Working with Circle Automotive in Highland, IN, we have come up with a few tips to help protect your vehicle form the vicious drop in temperature.

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Mazda’s Skyactiv Technology

With driving being an essential part of life, outstanding fuel efficiency should never come at the expense of performance. So, naturally, the driving-obsessed engineers over at Mazda found a way to make their vehicles do both. With all-new Skyactiv Technology, every aspect of every one of their cars is designed to maximize driving ability and efficiency. From the engine technology to the chassis and transmission, this new technology offers impressive mpg ratings without compromising performance. Skyactiv technology makes driving a Mazda even better!

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