How Technology is Changing the Vehicle Industry

Modern motor vehicle systems are becoming more and more complex with each new release, as sensors and technology get added to track pretty much any aspect they can, from tire pressure to engine temperature. This technology is essential for drivers and mechanics to be able to track and maintain the vehicles, and it can also increase the safety of the vehicle. There is even technology to help you understand what's wrong with your vehicle, such as OBDII scan tools. Technology is truly the king of the road today and is definitely shaping our future as drivers. 

How Technology is Changing the Vehicle Industry

Safety Technology

Every driver is concerned with safety and country-wide campaigns are going a long way to ensure that safety is placed in the spotlight. Companies are also creating private sector coalitions to ensure safety for everyone on the road. Safety for the trucking industry is also very important as it is directly related to safety on the roads. In 2014, nearly 4,000 large trucks and buses were unfortunately involved in accidents which turned out to be fatal, but many more people were injured. For this reason, technology designed to improve driver behavior and assess liability in the event of an accident can be an incredible aid for truck drivers. Technology can also be used to reduce vehicle damage and implement even more advanced collision avoidance systems.

According to Bill Busbice, a life-long entrepreneur, trucking tech concerned with improving the lives of long-haul truckers by making organizing loads and dispatching less time-consuming for truckers, can greatly improve efficiency. This, therefore allows the truck drivers to be less tired and more focused while on the road. With the use of specific apps, organizing loads and dispatching becomes less cumbersome by allowing them to arrange tens of thousands of loads, eliminating paperwork and providing real time updates for loads and availability of new loads. 

Fuel Efficiency

Technology is also developing ways to improve fuel efficiency, a feat which could generate thousands of dollars in savings. Advanced enhanced leak detection systems currently help drivers take action when fuel efficiency is compromised and a growing number of companies are tackling this issue to optimize fuel efficiency as much as possible. 

Although fuel efficiency is still an area where there is much progress to be made, as gallons of fuel are wasted every day, companies are putting forward their best efforts to ensure that this is addressed as quickly as possible.

Electronic Road Signs

Technology has now made its way also in the world of road signs, integrated directly with GPS devices. Most drivers are comfortable with the information shared by GPS devices and are free to pay attention to the road knowing that the GPS device informs them at each step on the occurrence of a new road sign. Adverse weather is no longer a problem, as a graphic representation can easily be shown on a GPS screen.

Over the last few years, new technologies relating to road transport have increased dramatically, improving road safety and making the journey more comfortable for drivers and passengers. This shows a clear upward trend for the future, as technology will certainly continue to shape the way we drive; perhaps we are just one step away from driverless vehicles.

6 Clever Tips For Combating The Rising Cost Of Car Ownership

Nothing gets the blood boiling more than being stuck behind someone driving five under the speed limit. You know what, though? When it comes to daily driving, the slowpokes only sacrifice a little bit of their time for big savings when it comes to gas, maintenance, and insurance costs. Here’s how it works along with some other tips.

Quit the Hard Braking

You will experience up to $1,000 in savings over the life of your car when you learn to stop slamming on your brakes and instead ease into stops. Take your foot off the gas as soon as it is obvious that you will have to slow down for a light up ahead. When it is clear you will need to engage your brakes, do so slowly. This can double or triple the lifespan of your brakes.

Stop Peeling Out

Your gas mileage takes a hit when you keep your pedal to the metal. Research shows that you reduce your gas mileage by 5 percent in the city and 33 percent at highway speeds when you drive aggressively. Additionally, peeling out and slamming on your brakes also wears on your tires requiring you to replace them sooner.

6 Clever Tips For Combating The Rising Cost Of Car Ownership

Show Off Your Driving To Your Insurer

Once you master the above driving techniques, show your insurer that you are a responsible driver and save money on your car insurance by as much as 30%. The insurer will send you a device that monitors your driving. It will tell you when you demonstrate alarming driving habits so you can improve and get discounts.

Install Useful Apps On Your Phone

GasBuddy is an indispensable app for finding the lowest gas prices. Of course, you don’t want to drive to the other side of town to save a couple cents on the gallon. So, use sense when choosing the right station.

Bundle Your Insurance

The average customer saves almost $100 per year when they bundle their home and auto insurance. And, these benefits vary by state. For example, Michiganders can save $240 by combining their insurances.

Do Your Own Repairs

You can replace your fuses, lights, air filters, and wiper blades yourself. Zoniv has an endless array of guides and tutorials to help you with easy repairs. When you replace your air filter you get the added benefit of better fuel economy. Each time you perform an easy task yourself, you save $17 to $132 in labor costs.

5w30 vs 10w30 – Which Is Better?

A key consideration for engine care is selecting the right motor oil which will deliver the optimum results, in the form of reliable engine performance. Not all oil types will fit the vehicle and some may even impact the way the engine works. If you are more of a DIY person, who personally likes to take care of his own car, then knowing the right type of motor oil for your vehicle can be critical. Taking a stroll down the oil aisle will definitely overwhelm you, which is why we will be doing a thorough 5w30 vs 10w30 comparison since these two are the most common ones you will come across.

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5w20 vs 5w30 – Everything You Need To Know

Using the right type of motor oil for your car engine is imperative for keeping it up and running. You cannot get a good return on investment if you don’t take care of your engine. Sure, many car owners take their vehicles to a mechanic for an oil change instead of doing it themselves, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to not educate yourself about what goes on inside your vehicle and have some information regarding the best motor oils for your car. This information is not redundant, and can always come in handy if you find yourself stranded and can’t avail the service of a mechanic.

Changing oil is one of the key car care tasks, which is why we will be doing a thorough 5w20 vs 5w30 comparison since those motor oils work best in both hot and cold temperatures. The Society of Automotive Engineers has a statistical code for differentiating between motor oils based on their viscosity characteristics, starting from low and going high: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, and 60. The term ‘viscosity’ refers to a liquid’s resistance to travel.

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The Guide To Riding A Motorcycle For The First Time

Any individual riding a motorbike will experience a feeling of freedom on the highway and the perfect bike will definitely make this experience much better. At present, an increasing number of folks are opting for motorcycles since apart from providing them with a cool ride it is also quite easy to manage them on the road where there is high traffic.

However, in case you are a new rider you need to be aware of certain basics so that you will be able to remain safe while riding. Here you should keep in mind that you will not receive the same level of protection from a motorbike which you can get from a four wheeler but a bike is definitely more inexpensive as compared to a vehicle. In fact, you must take extra precaution in order to safeguard your body particularly the head while riding a motorbike. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned virtually everything first-time motorcycle riders need to know.

1. Do Everything Correctly

The proper steps must be taken before commencing anything new and for this, you need to become licensed, take classes and be legal. Proper training regarding riding a motorcycle is absolutely vital since it is impossible for you to learn this on your own. Although professional training is not imperative, it is suggested to take the help of any close buddy or anyone familiar to you who can help you in this regard.

It is vital to get an idea of exactly what skills that person is endowed with. Will he or she be able to teach you in such a way that you can ride a bike independently on the road? Just because they know how to ride a bike does not necessarily imply that they will be able to impart that knowledge to you flawlessly. Otherwise, you can also get yourself enrolled in a training course which will also provide you with a valid license. If you take the professional route, then there should not be any reason to worry about and you should succeed in the long run.

As soon as your course is completed, you must make it a point to test the motorbike license. Do not ignore this essential step since it might prove to be extremely useful over time. While a license is provided to you, you need to bear certain responsibilities and you must take your riding much more seriously than before. In most cases, it has been found that the licensed motorcyclists drive safely on the road while obeying all the rules since they comprehend that it is imperative for them to do so.

2. Never Purchase Your Dream Bike Before Gathering Adequate Experience As A Rider

It has been often found that the motorbike is sufficient to attract the different users all over the world particularly the adolescents. The same might happen in your case also and you should learn how to wait for your dream machine before you accumulate sufficient experience. In fact, you should go for a rather inexpensive bike in the initial stages since in case you damage it while driving you won't be frustrated. After a while, you can easily discard the old bike and swap it with something much better and expensive. It is important to have patience and wait for that day when you will be confident enough to purchase your dream motorbike.

3. Give Priority To Safety And Don’t Forget The Gear

While it is important to put on a helmet while riding a motorcycle, there are also other aspects which you must be concerned about. As a matter of fact, the helmet is not required in certain states but it is nevertheless highly recommended for every motorcyclist on the road. Apart from wearing a helmet, you must also make it a point to equip yourself with the appropriate accessories such as riding gloves, jackets as well as pants which will not be too much expensive for you to buy. In fact, you will come across lots of second-hand gear in an array of stores as well as online shops from where you can select the one you want. Buying the proper rain gear is also important since apart from keeping you safe, it will also provide you with the much-needed comfort. Always remember to replace your helmet on a regular basis since its interior might get damaged without your knowledge.

4. Always Turn Off The Choke

At present, you’ll come across many motorbikes which include a choke. These are useful for starting up the motorcycle in case it becomes cold. Nevertheless, do not keep the choke on for a considerable period of time since it might result in the consumption of excess oil or gas. Therefore, every new rider must check whether the choke in his or her bike is turned off. Also, do not forget to perform a pre-inspection of the bike in case you happen to be a new rider. The majority of these bikes are chain-powered, belt-powered or shaft-powered. The connectors must be in proper position and you must also verify whether they are broken or not. This will help to understand whether the bike is ready for you to drive on the road.

5. Adjust The Mirror

Another important thing to perform before starting the engine will be to adjust the mirror of the motorcycle. You might even activate the center stand of the bike so as to obtain a better angle for making the required adjustment.

6. Navigate Safely On The Streets While Riding Your Motorcycle

It is essential for any new motorcyclist to be a defensive driver in the initial stages of his driving career. He should try to pretend that everyone on the road is trying to attack him and this will help him to remain safe. While it might sound a bit dramatic, it is nevertheless the most effective technique.

Unfortunately, at present most of the vehicle drivers do not pay much attention to the motorcyclists and for this, you have to remain extremely cautious. As mentioned before, always perform a pre-ride inspection like verifying whether the lights are actually working, testing the tire condition as well as the pressure and so on. Make it a point to inspect the bike thoroughly such that there is no possibility of a mechanical snag while you are riding on the road.

Apart from all these above-mentioned guidelines, you will also come across other essential aspects regarding this particular topic. Feel free to browse the different websites so as to get a better idea of what exactly is required for the beginner motorbikers to know. In case you want to purchase top quality motorbike gear including top-notch dirt bike riding apparel and accessories, you should visit the different online stores from where you can make your own choice. Safety lies in your own hands and it must be given priority above everything else.

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