5 Tips for Road Trips to Colder Destinations

Road trips to colder destinations always involve a flurry of excitement as snow outfits and sporting equipment is loaded en masse. The joy of the trip often relies on the level of preparedness and when that unforeseen moment happens, it’s crucial to handle it with ease. When visiting colder locations, the safety of the car extends to more than just having a good heating system. Discover a few simple hacks that could make an unforeseen event a little more pleasant.

Switch Out Those Wheels

This is the time to park the regular tires off in the garage for a while and get those snow tires fitted. Hybrid tires are also a good choice, especially if a substantial part of the journey still needs to take place on tarmac. The next step is to check the ideal tire pressure and when this is done, pay some attention to the spare tire as well.

Check the Fluids

Two of the most important components that keep things going in the engine are the oil and antifreeze. During those chilly winter months, antifreeze will ensure that the engine doesn’t freeze up. Oil is always needed to ensure proper lubrication. The correct ratio of antifreeze is also important to ensure its efficacy.

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Pack a Few Extra Tools

When it comes to sticky situations on the road, the lack of the correct tools are often the cause for frustration and sometimes added danger on the journey. Accidents and delays can easily be avoided or managed with the right tools, such as ice scrapers and snow chains.

Road trips to colder destinations

Necessities for Long Waits

When that inevitable snow storm hits and the car is unable to travel, it’s crucial that the inhabitants remain energized and warm. This will require packing more than just the ordinary first aid kit. Extra blankets, changes of dry clothing, and even thermal wear go a long way. To keep those energy levels up, high-protein snack bars, dried fruit, and nuts go a long way. Although it’s cold, it’s also important to remain hydrated.

Plan the Journey

Apart from plotting a good route and getting to know landmarks, it’s also important to leave a copy of the itinerary with a trusted friend or family member. Agree to check in at stops to ensure that if help is needed, the trusted individual would be able to give an estimated location. This will save time and perhaps even lives. Reaching the destination is always a priority for travelers, but road safety should be a key focus as well.

The journey can be just as fun and exciting as the destination. Preparing for any eventuality makes a big difference in the event that something goes wrong. So, drive safe!

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